3 Crimes That Rocked The United States During Halloween

Trick or treat?

Not for everyone is the famous Halloween - or Halloween - synonymous with treats, funny costumes and childish scares. For some, the night is unhealthy and, in cases like these below, they have ended in bloody crimes. Be it in a dark street, behind the closed door of a house, in a shed or anywhere else in the city. Dressed Jason or just ordinary citizen. With melee or firearm ...

“I thought it was a Halloween trick”

(Source: Sandusky Register / Reproduction)

It was the first thing the 16-year-old named Devon Griffin said to the delegate that morning on October 31, 2010. The boy had returned to his home in Michigan after singing in the church choir. When he arrived, he went straight to his room and was playing video games until around 1:30 pm, which was when he noticed the lack of movement around the house, especially from his mother, Susan Liske, who used to be already standing in that room. schedule.

Curious, he made his way to his parents' room to find them still in bed and with the blankets pulled over their heads. He talked to his mother, whose leg dangled from the bed, trying to rouse her slowly, although she got no answer.

Until she decided to pull the sheet and came across the drowned woman face down in a pool of her own blood. For a moment Devon considered it a trick question, as parents used to be witty about Halloween pranks. However, he eventually realized that his mother was in fact dead, coldly murdered.

Susan had been raped and raped three times from her killer. Beside her lay the body of Devon's stepfather, William Liske, with five shots at close range. In the other room, 23-year-old Derek Griffin, the result of Susan's previous relationship, had been quartered by multiple axes and had had his organs scattered around the room.

(Source: Daily Mail / Reproduction)

The killer was found to be William Liske Jr., who had a long history of mental problems such as schizophrenia and paintings of outrageous violence. The slaughter came just a day after he and his father left to hunt and drink.

William Liske Jr pleaded guilty to the triple-qualified homicide and was sentenced to the death penalty. “I loved my father so much, and it makes me sick of myself every time I remember what I did, ” the boy confessed to court.

In 2015, he committed suicide in his cell.

The Toolbox Killers

(Source: ThoughtCo / Reproduction)

Or “The Toolbox Killers, ” as the two-woman-kidnapping criminal duo became known, made his fifth and final victim on Halloween 1979. At sixteen, Shirley Ledford was waiting for a ride home from a post. gas station in suburban Los Angeles after a party. A white van pulled up and she recognized Lawrence Bittaker, who was driving with Roy Norris in the passenger seat, from his last waitress job in the summer.

Moments after accepting the ride, Lawrence drove to an isolated area where, with Roy's help, he tied and gagged Shirley with tape. The two took turns driving both the vehicle and the episodes of rapes followed on the girl. Shirley was hit with a sledgehammer, had her genitals and rectum torn with pliers. After all the torture session, Roy Norris strangled her with a coat hanger and they both left her body with their legs spread in their final act of misogyny and degradation on grassy ground. She was found by a corridor.

(Source: Crime Magazine / Reproduction)

An eighteen-minute tape was recorded in the murder van with Shirley Ledford's calls for distress in pure agony throughout the attack, including capturing Lawrence Bittaker's encouragement, such as: “Shout out, honey. Shout out! The case gained national repercussion and other attacks from the pair were stitched to the last, nicknamed them "The Toolbox Killers."

Jimmy Dalton, a prisoner whom Roy Norris frequently visited, disclosed to the authorities details of the man's crimes, enabling police to find out where the other bodies were.

Lawrence Bittaker was sentenced to the death penalty after denying his involvement in everything. Roy Norris, on the other hand, cooperated with the investigation, appointed Lawrence as the great orchestrator, pleaded guilty to the charges, and was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Shirley Ledford's murder was approached during one of the episodes of Netflix's "Mindhunter" series.

The Man Who Destroyed Halloween

(Source: Me Time For The Mind / Reproduction)

By 1974, the culture of children going out to collect candies door to door was about to change forever. After a day of trick and treating, 8-year-old Timothy O'Bryan ate his last candy of the day from his father, Ronald: the famous Pixy Stix candy. Moments later, the little boy began to feel stomach pain, to vomit, had a seizure, and died on his way to the hospital.

The cause of death was potassium cyanide poisoning, enough to kill two adults at once. The small town Deer Park, Texas, panicked at the news. Everyone began investigating their children's candy, figuring a stranger had the baptisms, but they found that it was only a plan of Timothy's own father.

(Source: The Midnight Society / Reproduction)

Ronald had a $ 100, 000 debt and very high life insurance policies for his children. He had also given poisoned bullets to his daughter and three other children in an attempt to erase the tracks of his crime. Fortunately they did not eat the candy.

Nonetheless, from that case, US authorities have opened public policies regarding candy collection, and nationwide campaigns have been spread out for parents to check their children's candy buckets before they eat them.

Nicknamed “The Candy Man” or “The Man Who Destroyed Halloween, ” Ronald was sentenced to death and executed in 1984.