3 trivia about Halloween

By their mysterious nature, in the popular imagination, witches act in the darkness. Popular Halloween beliefs and legends, also called the "Magic Hour, " vary from place to place, although you can find them from Europe to the Middle East.

In general, Halloween is the time of day when the powers of creatures and supernatural entities, such as demons, ghosts or witches, become stronger and more effective. In all cases, this time of day corresponds to night hours. There are many examples in the literature where midnight is mentioned as that magical moment. Solar midnight is the time opposite solar noon, and through these two milestones, it would be possible to trace an axis that connects the world in which we generally move with other worlds that come to life at that moment.

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Many people believe that the sight of mysterious creatures bodes ill and, in many cases, premature death. On the other hand, folk medicine believes that herbs collected at Halloween have their potentiated effects. Check out other curiosities that we here from MegaCurioso have selected:

1. Magic Nights

The supernatural aspects of Halloween, according to Christian tradition, increase significantly on some specific calendar nights, such as Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and Good Friday Eve, for example.

In many places in France and Bohemia, for example, it was believed that at midnight the day before Christmas, the water became wine and the animals in the stables began to speak as if they were people.

2. Devil's Hour

One of the curiosities of Halloween is related to the Devil's Hour. In many places, Halloween is between midnight and 2 am. Devil's Hour is considered the opposite time of day at 15h. This is because, according to Christian tradition, this is the moment when Jesus died on the cross.

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Between 3 and 4 am, for the Christian tradition, supernatural activity increases significantly because this is the time span of the "Canonical Hours", a tradition of prayers that were created during the Middle Ages in monasteries for a time of connection with God. At that time, women who were found alone on the street without a clear reason to stay out were accused of witchcraft.

Current psychology seems to have found an explanation for all the apparitions that seem to have occurred over the centuries in the so-called Halloween Hour. Experts say these types of reports are most common between 2 am and 4 am, which corresponds to the rise in melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep regulation, and naturally peaks around 3 am.

3. Current Meaning of Halloween

Surprisingly, today, if you hear a broker talk about Halloween, he is not referring to any magical activity, but to the stock market. Witching hour is known as the last trading hour of the stock market when the futures and options market is expiring and turnover rises so that prices vary widely. The term fits the situation perfectly, as in that short time those who negotiate better - practicing or not witchcraft becomes more powerful.