3 environmental issues that confuse a lot of people

The environment is not restricted to the forests, seas or air we breathe. It encompasses everything around us, and there are some topics that cause much debate and share opinions. After all, you may have witnessed countless discussions about global warming and whether it is real or how pollution and technology have made the number of cancer patients explode worldwide, right?

The folks at Cracked have published an interesting article on these issues, and here are some clarifications that can help you understand these controversial issues a little better:

1 - Discard and rebirth

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Those who believe that all pet bottles (for example) that go to recycling centers are mistaken are processed to return to the world in the same format. That's because it's not just the plastic that gets processed - don't forget labels, glue, leftover drinks, body fluids, and so on. they are not completely eliminated - so only a fraction of the final product will be of adequate quality to produce a decent bottle.

This, by the way, is a big problem for the recycling industry, as it means that a huge variety of recycled products we buy is still made from a large amount of “virgin” raw material. And this issue of quality loss does not only affect plastic, because in the case of paper, for example, the recycling process ends up breaking the fibers that give the material that smooth texture.

On the other hand, there are other materials whose recycling process hardly affects quality, such as aluminum cans, which can be transformed into brand new tin cans. In addition, although some materials lose their quality, they can be used for other purposes, such as packaging, carpet, fabric, etc.

2 - Climate and weather

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There is a slight confusion between climate and weather, which is accentuated when we see in the news that this or that location has been the worst winter in decades or the lowest temperature ever. The problem is that these events lead many people to question whether global warming is really happening, and they are even used as an argument by skeptics.

However, despite these weather events, this does not mean that temperatures on the planet are not really rising. To do this, just take a little trip back in time and see what winters were like a few centuries ago and what were the maximum temperatures that thermometers marked during summers. It turns out that global warming affects the planet's weather conditions, changing the weather and causing extreme events.

Thus, with rising ocean temperatures, a higher evaporation rate occurs, which in turn results in more rainfall or, in some cases, more snow. In addition, Arctic ice melting, for example, may be affecting the jet stream flowing in the region, making it weaker, and it is believed that the polar vortex that has recently frozen the northern hemisphere may be a consequence of this. .

3 - Modern life and cancer

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Just look around to see that we're surrounded by products made with weirdly named chemical compounds, radiation emitting devices, artificially stuffed foods, and a lot of pollution. Therefore, it must be because of these aspects that the number of cancer patients is constantly increasing, right? So, evaluating the statistical data a little more carefully, we realize that not necessarily.

The main risk factor for the onset of cancer is age, and as you know, in recent years life expectancy has risen dramatically. This means that there are much older people in the world today, so the number of patients has also increased. Although, as we get older, the greater the number of carcinogenic elements to which we are exposed throughout life, the disease does not arise solely because of this exposure.

Of course this does not mean that you should lower your guard and not take care of food, ban sunscreen or the like, as this will increase the risk of developing the disease. On the other hand, we should not just blame our lifestyle for the increase in cancer.