3 Secrets For Those Who Want To Have A Lasting Relationship

When the speaker is someone who understands the subject, the thing is to pay attention and learn everything. The Independent published a series of remarks by relationship expert Esther Parel that brought together three typical characteristics of couples who have been living happily together for a long time. See below what these characteristics are:

1 - They keep curiosity about each other

Do you know that couple who keep saying they know everything about each other? Don't be this couple. People are extremely complex, and it is impossible to know anyone completely even after years of intense living. What's more, when you say you already know everything about that person, the relationship is a little bland.

2 - They are really happy for each other

When there is competition, things tend to go awry. If one is promoted at work, both are happy - at least in healthy relationships. The ability to celebrate the other person's victory as if it were their own is something that really happens between happy couples.

3 - Although together, each one has their own life.

Many people lose their identity when they start dating. They leave friends aside, live by their partner, and make decisions thinking only about the good of the couple. Unfortunately, this is never a good tactic. Ideally, each one should keep their friends, their private interests, and not live by dating or marriage - even because, if the relationship ends, what is left for those who dropped everything?


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