4 terrible murders inspired by movies and series

Just as there are series and films based on real cases, so are real cases inspired by works of fiction - and some, unfortunately, in long and bloody horror series. The folks at ListVerse gathered some examples in one article and we here at Mega Curioso have selected 4 of them for you to check out. Look:

1 - Dexter

The 16-year-old British teenager Steven Miller was Dexter's superhero and was inspired by the show's protagonist to murder, dismember and spawn the body parts of his 17-year-old girlfriend, Elizabeth Thomas, in 2014. The two were colleagues from school and first became friends after the young woman started defending Miller - who was a victim of bullying.

(Source: Medium / Reproduction)

The friendship eventually progressed to a love relationship between the two, but what Elizabeth did not know was that Miller referred to her as her "project" and, one day when the girl was at her boyfriend's house, he decided to leave for her. the attack. Steven stabbed the teenager several times and, after quartering her, wrapped the different parts of the corpse with plastic film - as Dexter did - and scrapped them, a crime for which the Briton was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

2 - Panic

Thierry Jaradin, 24, and Alisson Cambier, 15, were practically neighbors in a Belgian town, and one day the boy invited the teenager to his house with the excuse of watching movies together and talking. However, Thierry had other intentions for the meeting, and when Alisson refused further intimacy with the boy, he apologized, excused himself, went to another room in the residence, and dressed in Ghostface's costume.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Screengrab / VH1 / Reproduction)

The young man ended up attacking Alisson with 2 knives and stabbing at the teenager 30 times. The attack was so violent that the girl had her left side severely mutilated and, after killing her, the killer laid her corpse on her bed, put a rose in one of her hands and called her own father and some friends to confess the crime. As he later told police, Thierry drew on horror movies to commit such an atrocity.

3 - Halloween

Jake Evans, 17, was a fan of horror movies, and the week he murdered his mother and one of his sisters, watched the remake of the classic "Halloween" 3 times. Inspired by Michael Meyers' fictional crimes, Evans planned to use a knife to kill his parents, grandparents, and 3 sisters, but since he didn't want to hurt his family, he decided to trade the gun for a revolver.

(Source: Cultured Vultures / Reproduction)

The boy first killed his sister with several shots and then his mother and ran around the house shouting that he was crazy. Luckily, before continuing to shoot other people, Evans decided to contact the authorities and turn himself in to the police. He was sentenced to 45 years in jail for the crimes in 2015, and could apply for parole after serving half his sentence.

4 - The Silence of the Lambs

Do you remember the horrifying scene in "The Silence of the Lambs" in which Hannibal Lecter escapes from the police and leaves behind an officer hanging in his makeshift cell with viscera falling from his body? A guy named Anthony Lauritsen, besides loving this movie, was especially fascinated by this sequel - and was inspired by it to murder his own grandmother, a lady named Margaret Lauritsen.

(Source: Vortex Wallpaper / Playback)

Anthony had a hammer and a garden trimmer to kill the woman - who, as indicated by her injuries, tried to defend herself from the attack - and eventually gutted and nearly beheaded Margaret. You had a Poodle named Susie, who also lost her life in the attack, and the boy planned to murder other family members and people he didn't like. Anthony has been sentenced to life in prison, but after spending 20 years behind bars and filing various appeals, he is expected to be paroled.