4 personality traits hard to change

Each person has a different personality type and changing characteristic traits can be quite difficult, even if they are detrimental to health or social life. This week's Tips from our YouTube channel feature 4 of the hardest-to-change personalities - do you fit any?

Shyness is one of the most complicated to change as your mind has become accustomed to making you quieter and yours than starting to interact with everyone else. This creates a security and a dependence, which is very difficult to change without the help of a professional.

Grudge is also another difficult trait to overcome by those who have this custom. Our mind keeps revisiting the events that triggered this trait. So we spend a lot of time cyclically suffering the same discomfort, and we hope that one day we can get revenge - and you will probably create a thousand speeches in your head for when that happens. Worse, grudge leads to unhealthy states of aggression, sadness, shame, and hostility.


Those who love lying can make this behavior unmanageable. Lies inflame the ego and give quick and easy solutions to everyday problems. It's hard not to let a lie lie throughout the week, but when it becomes a habit, you have to consider if this behavior will not drive people away, after all, the lie always has a short leg.

Victimism is also a very difficult trait to overcome. But don't think that is what happens on the Internet and what people call it: Victimism is the act of shifting the blame for all problems to the world without, of course, assuming the person taking the part of the blame that he himself is. have in some history. This leads to a “comfortable” position in society as the responsibilities of what happens to you are shifted to external events.


These features are very common and everyone should present them at one time or another - even simultaneously! But don't let it get in your life and get help if you're feeling bad about it. To the next!


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