4 Ways Elon Musk Could Destroy the World If He Was an Evil Genius

Elon Musk is now considered one of the people who most contribute to the scientific and industrial advancement of humanity on account of his companies in various segments. He has also had ideas on how to improve public as well as individual modes of transport, which could help alleviate global warming. But what if he is actually an evil genius? The people on YouTube's Inverse channel made a video outlining four ways Musk could end the world and humanity if he really meant it. Check out the compilation.

1. Use SpaceX as a war company

The channel's first topic on YouTube is whether the billionaire could use SpaceX, his space exploration company, to leave the whole world at his mercy. The company today has the most advanced technology in the development and control of low-orbit rockets, which could easily be converted into a large, more lethal arsenal of warfare than North Korea, for example. This of course, considering that he has access to radioactive materials needed for nuclear warheads. Mars's plan for colonization of Musk could also be proof that, for him, the Earth was already, and could be easily destroyed or disposed of in the near future.


2. Artificial intelligence

Elon Musk has been criticizing the advance of artificial intelligence software, considering it a threat to humanity. Inverse, however, believes this could be an alarmist bandwagon to disguise any possible plans by Musk with OpenAI, his company dedicated to artificial intelligence research. While he criticizes AI, he himself could be plotting the destruction of the world through such software. Tesla's smart, connected cars could still be used as an instrument of this destruction, as seen in "Fast and Furious 8".

3. Live forever on the internet

Musk unveiled in 2017 a new project in which it is investing: the company Neuralink, dedicated to finding a way to connect human brains to the internet as a therapy for neurological diseases. The channel, however, speculates that Musk could create a digital version of his own consciousness once his brain is connected to the network, and copy himself into everyone's machines, much like "Transcendence: The Revolution." He would live forever and become the lord of all mankind.

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4. Become US President

But if technological means to destroy the world were lacking, Musk could simply become president of the United States. Inverse argues that he has a $ 19 billion fortune, a clean public image and a battalion of fans that could put him ahead of the world's largest economy and the most powerful military force on the planet. This would only provoke the right people and start an endless war.

4 Ways Elon Musk Could Destroy the World If He Was an Evil Genius Via TecMundo