4 habits that can improve your life in every way

It is extremely normal for us from time to time to want to change some aspects of our lives. At such times, we seek advice, readings, inspirations, and anything that might help in any way. Pick The Brain has put together a series of small changes that can help you take a positive turn in your life.

The issue is basically about some habits and behaviors that, once acquired, bring us closer to our goals and make us face obstacles without so many problems. The key habits you will learn about below were explored by Charles Duhigg in his book, The Power of Habit.

Basically, key habits are attitudes that, when taken often, improve our overall performance, including better mental, physical, personal, and professional function. Why does it happen? Because they are habits that tend to turn into a snowball, forming a chain reaction that can lead you to success. Are you curious? So check out these habits:

1 - Physical Activities

Yeah, we start with the part that makes many people wrinkle their noses. The truth is that moving the body is good in a number of ways and you should already know that. When a person engages in any physical activity, he feels renewed, energetic, and more self-confident. The problem, we know, is always getting started. However, if you can make this initial effort, then you will end up liking it.

Anything goes: gym, swimming, hiking, dance classes ...

2 - Food

Your diet is the most important factor in terms of health, but exercise came first because, as we are talking about a chain reaction, from the moment a person starts exercising regularly, it is almost automatic for her to exercise. reassess the quality of your food.

Eating better will make you feel better in many ways. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and low in fat and sugar promotes improvements in everything from physical appearance to good mood and productivity.

Got hungry?

3 - Sleep

Think about it: You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so it's obvious that sleeping is an important activity for your health and well-being. Worrying about the quality of your sleep should be a priority, and look how true this chain reaction thing is: we sleep much better when we exercise and when we eat a balanced diet.

When going to bed, put the phone aside, do not sleep with the TV on and leave your room as dark as possible. Our bodies need darkness to release the hormone that makes us sleep well, so invest in curtains that block out light and eye masks if necessary. No stimulating drinks before going to bed, and sleeping on a full stomach isn't a good deal either, so bet on a light supper.

Sleeping well can be a great remedy for those suffering from anxiety or depression and even for those with a deregulated mood, with a lot of irritation and tiredness.

Sleeping well is good;)

4 - Self love

If you don't have self-love, it's really hard to change your life and achieve new goals. Self-love basically means understanding your own needs, respecting them, accepting them and placing yourself as a priority. Sometimes we think so much about other people that when we start thinking about ourselves, we feel guilty.

It turns out that if you are not well, if you do not take care of the person you see in the mirror and if you do not love them with all your strength, you can hardly get the courage, courage and determination to meet life's challenges. Put aside the craze of comparing yourself to other people, don't let the fact that you don't have a “perfect body” keep you from loving the body you have and always impress your thoughts with optimism. To do otherwise is to waste time and energy.

Once you stop caring about others' opinions, stop criticizing yourself so much, and charge yourself so much, the feeling that comes will be one of relief and self-confidence. Try and see how true it is.



Obviously, there are more healthy habits you can practice to have a life full of positive change and achievements. What's more, it's always worth remembering that this information and tips don't solve your life - what really matters is putting it all into practice. By the way, tell us: what would you include in this list of healthy habits?

* Posted on 6/14/2016