4 horrible professions that no longer exist

If you think your job is awful, rest assured: in the past, they were much worse. Leaving aside the extremely long hours and scarce money the employee received, the professions ranged from the most dangerous to the most disgusting you can imagine.

Remembered by AllThatisInteresting, get to know four works that you certainly would not want to exchange even for a few more. Follow below - if you would like to know others that are not listed here, click here.

Stool groom

The "feces boyfriends" were assistants during the English medieval monarchy. "Assistance" was made when kings, queens, princes, and princesses would spend time on the other throne. That is, the bride and groom had to deal with the stools of the monarchy and the cleanliness of the environment.

Cool? For us, maybe not, but being by the side of a king while he gave that "relieved" was very important at the time. So much so that the bride and groom were very well regarded by society.

Gunpowder Monkeys

Child labor was common in the old days, especially during the Age of Discovery and Sailing, which lasted from 1500 to 1700. Ships with guns and guns relied on boys to be the "gunpowder monkeys." The only function was to carry explosive material during clashes. Because they were small and "harder to get right", the children were perfect for the job.

Court Dwarf

The dwarves performed a similar service to the jesters: the entertainment of kings and queens. Like the feces boyfriends, society looked favorably on the dwarves serving the monarchy.

When they appeared in pictures, they were always portrayed alongside the king or queen - not only by position but also to make the larger monarchs in the paintings.

Whip Boy

Princes tend to grow up with all the comforts of the world at their feet, and this can be a big problem. These were not strange cases of boys who behaved very badly because they were always spoiled - and only the King was allowed to spank.

Therefore, the monarchy used to place another boy, the same age, to become the prince's best friend. Whenever the little court member deserved to be beaten, the “whip boy” would slap him in his stead. It was believed that in this way the spoiled child would have pity on his friend and improve his attitudes.