4 reasons to know Egypt

Filled with stories and scenery worthy of its best Instagram photos, Egypt is home to one of the most famous deserts in the world, the Sahara, and has played host to films like The Mummy and Asterix & Obelix . Filled with breathtaking scenery, this country certainly needs to get into its next travel itinerary and we will explain why.

Source: Sandro Steiner / Unsplash

1) History

You have certainly studied or done at least one pyramid mockup at school. This country is home to a unique memory, the source of one of the most fascinating narratives of ancient civilizations, as well as attractions such as the Giza Pyramids, Luxor Temple, Egyptian Museum, Nile River and the famous city of Cairo.

2) Deserts

Of course, you can't miss going to Egypt without taking advantage of the desert landscapes for camel or quad biking. Incredible experiences can go through scenarios such as the Great Sand Sea, Sinai Desert and the Sahara itself.

3) Beaches

The country is also home to beautiful beaches and resorts such as the Red Sea and The Three Corners Sea Beach Resort Hotel (pictured). In some of these places the main attraction (amazement) is diving in the company of beautiful corals.

4) Gastronomy

In addition to delighting in a typical Marchi, the country is known for keeping prices affordable and offering dishes based on rabbit meat, pigeon, seafood, soups and some typically Arabian foods.

Time to pack up? Be sure to bring light clothing options and pay attention to the clothing customs of the lacais you visit.