4 bizarre serial killers and their scary crimes

We have already brought you here at Mega Curioso several sinister serial killer stories, including one about the most famous in the world, another about violent killers who were recently captured, and even cases of women beyond diabolics. And to continue quenching your curiosity for police stories, here's four bizarre criminals and the scary crimes they committed:

1 - Souflikar

Image Source: Reproduction / LLC Landscape Design and Construction

Nationality: Turkish

Number of victims: more than 5, 000

Weapon: their own hands

No, you have not misread the number of victims who fell at Souflikar's hands. He was the official executioner of Sultan Mehmed IV during the Ottoman Empire and responsible for executing an average of three people a day over a period of five years. And the man had no frills when it came to working, not dispensing with common tools in his activity — such as swords, axes, and gallows. Souflikar strangled the condemned with his own hands!

However, we cannot say that Souflikar was an unfair executioner, as he always proposed a deal to his victims: both had to wager a race through the royal gardens to the place of executions and, if the convict lost ...

The problem - for the poor poor people - is that, besides having strong hands, Souflikar was apparently a true sprinter, never coming last.

2 - Johann Unterweger

Image Source: Reproduction / Bio True Story

Nationality: Austrian

Number of victims: between 10 and 15

Weapon: Bras

Although Unterweger, the photo's serial killer, was stamped in jails for committing petty crimes, in the mid-1970s he was sentenced to life imprisonment for strangling prostitutes with their bras. However, after his arrest, the killer began writing and, surprisingly, his incredible talent caught the attention of Austria's literary elite, who began an extensive campaign for Unterweger's release.

The campaign worked, and the strangler not only got out of jail, he began working as a TV presenter and participating in debates about detainee rehabilitation. But you know what the old ways are like ... Unterweger strangled six women during his first year in freedom in Austria and, before being discovered, traveled to Los Angeles, where he killed three other prostitutes.

This time his literary fans could not help, and the killer was captured by the US authorities, extradited and convicted again. After returning to prison, Unterweger committed suicide, but not for feeling guilty for the poor women he killed! Apparently he had a creative block and hung himself in his cell.

3 - Rodney Alcala

Image Source: Reproduction / Daily Mail

Nationality: North American

Number of victims: probably 130

Weapon: lip

The madman in the image above has been convicted of the murder of five women and is currently on death row awaiting execution. However, after his arrest, he admitted to killing 30 other youths, and US officials believe he is responsible for a total of 130 deaths. The crimes occurred in the 1970s, and Alcala - the killer - used the excuse that he was a photographer to attract the victims.

However, the most curious and bizarre thing about the case is that, while actively practicing his crimes, Alcala participated (and won!) In a dating program similar to the painting “Go Dar Dating, ” featured in “The Best of Brazil”. Luckily, the girl who chose - hand-picked - this crazy guy found the suitor a little weird at the end of the contest and gave up going out with him.

4 - Robert Hansen

Image Source: Reproduction / Butcher, Baker

Nationality: North American

Number of victims: between 17 and 21

Weapon: Hunting Rifles

Known as an example of father and excellent baker, Robert Hansen - or simply Bob - has come to be regarded as Alaska's biggest serial killer after being convicted of abducting, raping and murdering an estimated 17 to 21 women. Hansen was a voracious hunter, but at some point throughout his career he grew tired of hunting only animals and went on a human safari with prostitutes and strippers.

Bob captured his victims, flew them to a cabin he owned in a remote area, and kept them as slaves for several days. When she got tired, she would release the naked women in the woods - sometimes blindfolded - and hunt them down like animals while trying to escape in desperation. The hunter was arrested after one of the women escaped and warned police and was sentenced to 461 years in prison.

* Originally posted 23/10/2013.