5 cruel drowning murders

Provoking a sense of impending death through drowning has been considered a type of torture since the seventeenth century, although it is a practice that dates back to much older periods.

Drowning homicides are among the list of the most difficult crimes to prove. In the United States alone, of the 10 people who die in the water unintentionally daily, eight of the cases in 2017 were murders, although the FBI believes that this figure is much higher.

Performed almost always in a passionate manner, spurred on by psycho-emotional factors such as revenge, the crime of drowning is the alleviation of the transference of feelings with the other's struggle for life, according to psychologists. It takes two to three minutes maximum for the person to be choked by water. Two to three minutes for the killer to reconsider his or her commitment to what they are doing, either while holding their victim under water or watching her struggle.


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In 2017, the ten-year-old autistic boy named Kentae Williams, after refusing to bathe at school and disobeying his teacher, was beaten by his father with a belt and then dragged into the hot tub and drowned at a temperature that caused him second degree burns. When the police found him, the child's skin was swollen with so many blisters. The father was charged with murder, assault and family violence. He was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to life in prison without parole.


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Christopher Alexander Lindsay was sentenced to life in prison for beating, sexually assaulting and drowning for Lorie Musil facial immersion in 2015. The medical report attested to deep internal ruptures, broken bones and head injuries to the woman Christopher had met in a lounge bar in the city. Florida and driven to your boat.


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In 2008, Sherri Jackson tried to drown her baby, Jackson, on the Clark Fork River in Montana, but failed and ended up in a mental hospital. Years later, she reconciled with her husband, had another child, and all four lived in California. Out of control in June 2019, Sherri forced her two children into the cornfield near the house and drowned them. Jackson died at the scene while the other suffered brain damage and died eight days later. Sherri alleged to the authorities that he murdered them for being demon possessed. Your trial is scheduled for January 2020.


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Seventeen-year-old Bobby Woods was charged and sentenced to twenty years in prison for pushing his girlfriend's nephew into a lake and turning his back while drowning to death. He confessed to pushing the child because at the time he lived with his pregnant girlfriend in a house with three families and would need more space to raise the child.


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"Emily is with God and I am his herald sent to warn everyone about the apocalypse, " was what Devin Sizemore told a relative before murdering his own daughter by drowning in a lake. Devin stated that he was baptizing the child by holding his head underwater for more than thirty seconds. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.