5 weird things that were found on the beach!

A huge amount of rubbish and various objects constantly reaches the sea for various reasons. The fact is that much of the rubbish that ends up at sea can one day be thrown back to land; it is enough for him to “travel” in the right sea current. Still, sometimes what comes up on the beach is quite unusual.

So here is a list of 5 weird things that were found on the shore.

1. A Harley!

OK! Trash or other may be expected to be found on the beach occasionally. But a Harley? Not exactly the kind of light object that seems to drift for a long time.

This motorcycle was one of thousands of objects lost during the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. The motorcycle traveled about 3, 000 kilometers from Japan to the Canadian coast in just over a year.

Today it is on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum in the United States as a memorial to all who died in the tragedy.


2. A piece of rocket

In 2017, a piece of a rocket launched in French Guinea to carry supplies to the International Space Station ended up on the Texas coast. After uncoupling from the rocket, this piece eventually landed in the ocean and then ran aground on the US coast.


3. A gigantic eye!

Well, the picture says it all! This lone eye was found on the beach in 2012 and is as big as a softball.

Many believed it to belong to a colossal squid, but scientists eventually discovered that it was the eye of a really large swordfish and was probably thrown overboard by some fisherman.

Oh, just to complement it: a colossal squid's eye is much bigger: about the size of a basketball!

4. A Graceful Flock of Rubber Ducklings

A huge flock of 28, 000 ducklings fell off the ship carrying them, containerized and all, in 1992. Twenty years later, the ducklings have traveled the world over, with plenty of people following their path. During this time, many of them were running aground behind the world, but there are still some sailing around.


5. A German Submarine

With the end of World War I, the U-Boat SM U-118 was being transferred to France to be destroyed and its parts sold as scrap. However, when towed in 1919, its drag line broke during a storm, leaving the sub to drift. He ran aground on the UK coast the next day.