5 Things To Do When You Can't Sleep

The stress of everyday life can end your nights of sleep, making the time to rest eventually become a torment. Check out some tips that can help you relax your mind and get a good sleep.

1. Internal Dialogue

An imaginary friend can be very helpful when we can't sleep. Create a character and talk to him. That way you can focus on your random mental flow and ward off distractions and stress that may be the cause of your lack of sleep.

2. Body Awareness

Squeezing and relaxing your muscles can be a great relaxing exercise. Begin with the toes, the legs, arms and neck, tightening each part of the body for a few seconds and slowly letting go.

3. Plan a "perfect day"

Tomorrow is promising and can also help you get to sleep. Make a complete plan of what your "perfect day" would be like, in which you will be able to do all the things you need. This task can take a few minutes and help you get rid of problems.

4. The square root of sheep

The old technique of counting sheep can be optimized if you try to do the process at a power of two, ie doubling the value with each count. At some point you will get lost and have to start over - a little math game that will keep your mind busy and away from what ails you.

5. Keep your eyes open

Yes, trying to keep your eyes open can be a great way to get to sleep. Just remember that important class where you just couldn't stay awake, making it hard not to close your eyes. Find a focal point and try to blink only when necessary; At some point, you will lose the battle toward a beautiful night's sleep.