5 different customs that happen in weddings around the world

There's no way. Regardless of the specific preferences of each couple, the wedding day is organized to be one of the most important in the life of the two lovebirds who come to the altar to swear eternal love for each other. Many people celebrate the occasion by toasting, dancing and tasting the special delicacies prepared for the day. However, variations in cultures also mean a series of varied and curious rituals. Check out some!

1. Synchronized Crying (China)

Ok, some tears in marriages are not surprising. After all, it is a rite of passage, and emotions often mix. In China, however, crying is taken to another level by the Tujia people. Basically, the bride is expected to make a tearful presentation at her wedding.

The training starts 1 month earlier and consists of crying for 1 hour on the first day and gradually increasing the time. As the wedding approaches, her mother, sisters, and family members join her. On the day of the ceremony, the bride is then judged by the guests on her performance. The prettier they consider crying, the better their married life will be.

2. Foot Taps (South Korea)

In South Korea, guests tie the newlywed groom's feet and simply start tapping them. But calm down! They ensure that the ritual does not hurt and is just a joke in order to supposedly check the boy's strength and intelligence before his first wedding night. The "instruments" for this are usually dried corvina (a type of fish), strings or sticks.

3. Darkening of the Bride (Scotland)

As part of the bridal trot ritual, a few days before the wedding, friends and family “catch” her and dirty her with all kinds of garbage - broken eggs and tobacco, for example. But this historical tradition is not for girls only. Guys often get dirty too! The purpose of the joke is to symbolize the preparation of both for the worst scenarios they may have to face when they get married.

4. Leblouh (Mauritania)

In this controversial ritual, women are forced to eat huge amounts of food. The reason? All this because apparently men in the country prefer larger women. The custom had disappeared for a while, but has gained popularity recently.

5. Kissing the bride and groom (Sweden)

According to this ritual adopted in Sweden, if the bride or groom leaves each other at any time during the ceremony, a single guest may try to kiss them. And in that case, we are talking about something that can be a light kiss on the cheek or even one on the mouth! It depends on the guest's decision only. Ah! And the couple can't take offense at any of this.

So, dear reader, did you already know these rituals? If you are aware of more unusual customs in this type of event, share it with us in the comments.


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