5 of the most spectacular and deadliest landscapes in the world

Amazing looking places that can lure anyone into nature's most dangerous pitfalls: this is what you'll see in this list, which shows the most diverse places around the planet that can kill you in no time.

1) Tsingy de Bemaraha Integral Nature Reserve - Madagascar

Due to its unique geography, the Tsingy de Bemaraha Integral Nature Reserve has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. However, no barrier or protection is required for space to be protected from predation.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The approximately 1, 500 km² limestone plateau has been shaped during thousands of years of erosion caused by water and wind. The result is thousands of sharp stones like knives, capable of exterminating any visitor to the slightest oversight. The area is so difficult to explore that each time a team is moved to the region, even after days of expedition, approximately five new species are found.

2) Boiling Lake - Dominica

Hot springs may be a good relaxation option, but at Boiling Lake (which can be translated as boiling lake) the temperature causes the idea of ​​contact with water to be dispelled immediately.

Image Source: Reproduction / Flickr Antoine Hubert

Located on the small island of Dominica, the site features waters that never get colder than 82 ° C, reaching up to 91.5 ° C - and the measurement is made from the sides of the site, making scientists believe that The temperature in the center of the lake is much higher, as this is where the water is constantly bubbling.

The high temperature causes a vapor to form around you, which makes the environment even more impressive. Travel sites make it clear that the rocks around the lake are extremely slippery, making the region even more dangerous, requiring the utmost care from explorers.

3) Bolton Strid - Yorkshire

The calm look of the narrow stream located in Yorkshire, England, can fool even an experienced swimmer. No wonder the mortality rate of its waters is no less than 100%. No, you didn't read it wrong: No one who ever got into Bolton Strid was able to go back to tell the story.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Although the waters do not seem very busy in some parts, the river current is very strong, a determining factor that adds to other peculiarities of the stream. All that is known to date is that the Bolton Strid is extremely deep (it has never been possible to measure the exact depth of the river), and it houses a gallery full of totally mysterious underwater caves.

4) Afar Triangle - Africa

Stable environment is not the best way to describe the Afar Triangle. The gorge space that is not so impressive at first glance houses extremely deadly dangers. The first scary thing about the region is the giant craters that open randomly without warning.

Image Source: Playback / Cracked

The Afar Triangle is located between two tectonic plates, the African and the Arabian, which distance each other over the years, further increasing the giant gorge between them.

As if that wasn't scary enough, the region is home to active volcanic activity, making it possible to hear magma bubbling deep in the crater. If you still think that is not enough, the place has frequent flames of fire, formed by the highly flammable gas present in the region, which can reach 400 ° C.

5) Corryvreckan Swirl - Scotland

The Corryvreckan Swirl It seems to have come out of some fiction movie, but the biggest browser nightmare is quite real and has never been interrupted. The phenomenon is formed by the sum of a very strong current on the site and a considerable difference in the seabed.

Image Source: Playback / Seafari

On days when the current is calm, it is possible to pay a boat to approach the water vortex. At a relatively safe distance, you can feel the full force of nature and realize how deadly it can be to navigate unfamiliar seas.

* Originally posted on 10/04/2013 .


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