5 of the most heat-affected professions

As you can feel in your own skin, we are going through a hot summer there. However, most of us poor Brazilians, instead of being able to weather this heat wave enjoying a beautiful beach or cooling off in the pool, unfortunately have to survive all those hot days while working! Still, among those who are - literally - sweating their shirts in daily toil, there are certainly those who suffer most from the high temperatures.

After all, not everyone has the privilege of working in cool, air-conditioned environments or even with a basic fan! With this in mind, the G1 newsroom decided to take to the streets of São Paulo with a thermometer in hand to find out which occupations are most affected by heat. So, dear reader, you feel a little better - or not! - Because you can't be out enjoying the summer, check out what they are:

5 - Confectioners

Image source: Reproduction / Wikipedia

Have you ever imagined having to spend the whole day leaning over a pot of hot oil? This is the daily life of confectioners who, during the measurement made by the G1 staff, faced temperatures around 40 ° C.

4 - Hairdressers

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Other professionals who certainly sweat the shirt are the hairdressers. After all, in addition to spending the day cutting locks and creating hairstyles, they also handle various heat-generating equipment, such as dryers and flat iron, for example. The temperatures recorded? Pale 41 ° C.

3 - Bakers

Image Source: pixabay

And who is required to work inside an oven? Well, almost in. Confectioners and bakers are required to spend their days surrounded by hot ovens, as well as covered in aprons, gloves, caps and other protective clothing. In the confectionery visited by the G1, after one of the ovens was activated, the thermometer set over 43 ° C.

2 - Welders

Image Source: pixabay

Do not think that when using a torch, just activate this tool and you're done. Welders need to heat equipment before use, and in the measurement taken in Sao Paulo, the thermometer set almost 45 ° C.

1 - Road maintenance personnel

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Street and road maintenance personnel cannot always rely on the protection of buildings or trees to hide from the scorching sun. So think of the discomfort felt on hot days - like the ones happening now - when these professionals need to plug holes or pave an entire street with asphalt and the ground temperature exceeds 48 ° C.


Of course in addition to the above activities, there are many others - such as barbecue grills, roofers and cooks, for example - that must be soul-roasting! And can you, reader, think of more professions that have not been mentioned in the story, but which must also be torturous on hot days? Be sure to tell us in the comments!