5 Famous Singers Who Wrong The Wrong National Anthem

Did you know that April 13th is the day when the creation of the Brazilian national anthem is celebrated? Just on that day, but in the year 1831, this iconic song was played at the São Pedro de Alcântara Theater in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Since then, she has undergone several changes. Responsible, then, for the latest model of the anthem was the musician Osorio Duque-Estrada.

Well, every self-respecting Brazilian has sung this song, by free will and pressure. Who never muttered "Ipiranga heard the placid margins" tucked into a school uniform at one of the classic September 7 parades on Brazil Independence Day?

The beauty of the song, however, does not soften the challenge of singing it, and it is no wonder many miss the lyrics of the national anthem. But calm down! Even famous people have made mistakes, some watched on national network, believe me? They went through a few good ones and even the oldest cases give us, until today, good laughs. Check out the list below with the best gaffes of the famous:

1) Vanusa

The singer Vanusa was invited to sing the hymn before several important rulers. And I could tell she had run away from all the September 7 school parades as a child, or her nervousness was very high that day. At the beginning of the song, you can find some mistakes here and there that go unnoticed. But when she starts singing "You're beautiful, you're strong ...", the thing goes down. From this moment on, Vanusa exchanged words, forgot stanzas, and completely lost pace. It must not have been easy being in the singer's shoes!

2) Fafá de Belém

Fafá de Belém also dared to sing the hymn in a performance and missed twice. But she, with charisma, apologized to the audience and continued to sing the song. Overall, she seemed to have handled the situation well - at least by the hour.

3) Luan Santana

Well, this case has its peculiarities. Luan Santana, recognizing the difficulty of singing the anthem, had a little help in his presentation by a discreet headset. But if it helped him get the lyrics right, it also made his interpretation somewhat unpalatable to those watching.

4) Carlinhos Brown

In the middle of the show, Carlinhos Brown forgot the Brazilian national anthem. But like Fafá de Belém, he managed to get out of the situation using good humor. And the audience that could laugh at Carlinhos ended up laughing with him.

5) Jair Bolsonaro

When the ignoble doesn't even know the lyrics of the hymn.
... "flabby" margins ??
She claims to be a patriot ... pic.twitter.com/WGeAX0ZmaF

- ?????????????? ???????????????????? (@RedColorad) September 11, 2019

This hall of fame is so complete that we even have a president missing the national anthem, check it out! In a tribute to the Brazilian nation, the government released a video with authorities singing the song together.

In the official video, of course, everyone sings perfectly. But behind the scenes, current President Jair Bolsonaro flustered himself. According to his own version, the song begins like this: “They heard from Ipiranga to the flaccid margins”. The video went viral on the internet and, of course, the fact has fallen into the mouth of the people who have had fun with the presidential tamarin.