5 historical figures who declared unconditional love for cats

1. Pope Paul II

The leader of the Catholic Church between 1464 and 1471 had eccentric tastes: he was in love with jewelry, rather glamorous church clothes and antiques. He was also known for forcing the Jews of Rome to parade naked during Carnival. Nevertheless, the Pope was very fond of animals.

His preference was for cats, so much so that Paul II called his private doctor to treat the pussies when they fell ill. One in particular was the pope's xodo, but he could not resist and passed away. Paul II was extremely devastated until he became a laughing stock in the city streets. There were people saying that it was Devil's punishment, due to the hard line adopted by the Pope.

Pope Paul II: Passion for Jewelry, Clothing and Cats

2. Catherine the Great

The empress who ruled Russia between 1762 and 1796 had her own cat farm. Not just one, by the way: Catherine loved the cats so much that she kept two homes for themselves. His favorites were of the Russian Blue breed, which have a short silver-blue fur. She distributed puppies to ambassadors from other countries as a way of showing appreciation.

Their cats were free to move around the palace, so much so that some were "hired" as guards - especially the SRD (no bred breed) or those who were agile mouse hunters. They even had a salary, see? Once, a lover presented him with an angora cat after receiving a "favorinho" from Catarina in the $ 40 million corrected amount.

Mount placed big guy next to Catherine the Great

3. Abraham Lincoln

The 16th President of the United States was another historical personality with avowed love for cats. His wife, Mary Todd, once said that pussies were her only true hobby, and so Lincoln had several cats walking around the White House. It is reported that Mary once complained about her husband feeding a kitten named Tabby under the table at a formal meeting. "If the golden fork is good enough for Buchanan, I think it's for Tabby too." James Buchanan was American President before Lincoln ...

One of the most notorious US presidents has also been in love with felines.

4. Charles Baudelaire

The French poet, who lived between 1821 and 1867, placed kittens above the esteem of many around him. When visiting people who had cats, Baudelaire totally ignored the reason for the visit to play with the animals. One of the poems from his masterpiece, “The Flowers of Evil, ” is dedicated to cats, check out:

The cats

The feverish lovers and the lonely sages
They love equally, at the age of reason,
The sweet and proud cats of the mansion,
That how cold they are and sedentary schism.

Voluptuous friends and devotees of science,
They seek the horror of darkness and mysteries;
They had taken them Erebo for their funeral steeds,
If submission could oppose their insolence.

Dreaming they assume the noble attitude
From the sphinx that merges into infinity beyond,
Like the taste of a dream that never

The kidneys in magic sparks stretch,
And gold particles, like fine sand,
His serious pupils dimly light.

French poet even declared that the inspiration of his works came from the meows of cats

5. Mark Twain

Apollinaris, Beelzebub, Buck, Buffalo Bill, Satan, Sin, Zoroaster, Plague, and Bambino are some of the names writer Mark Twain has chosen for his plethora of cats. He even had 19 pussies at one time, receiving individual love from his protector. “If the man could cross the cat, surely the man would be improved. Only that would spoil the cats, ”he said.

Twain was so crazy about cats that he even “rented” other people's pussies. On trips, he would pay to play with other people's kittens and kill a little homesickness. When Bambino ran away, the writer once spread posters offering a reward to those who returned him. Because he was a celebrity, many took the opportunity to meet him - even after Bambino reappeared at home.

Twain was very creative when naming his cats