5 Bizarre Ways to Find a Partner Around the World

Finding a person to date, date or marry is not such an easy task. Still, there are a lot of people out there who don't give up on the idea of ​​finding a partner. Cracked took advantage of the topic and decided to list several bizarre ways some people find someone to share a lifetime or just a moment of it. Check it out below:

1 - Love and Sexual Freedom in Cambodia

In the Kreung tribe in Cambodia, it is common for families to build a kind of "pull" so that the girls in the house have nowhere to take their partners for a night of casual sex. There, girls can have as much sex as they want without their parents being forced to hear any kind of noise.

In this tribe, it is culturally common for girls to have sex with as many men as possible. That way they can choose their husbands more properly, so to speak. It is nothing much different from what happens in many parts of the world - the novelty may be that there is no judgment on premarital sex.

When a girl from the Kreung tribe keeps an eye on a possible sexual partner, she invites him to meet her "pull" - the visit may end in sex, but it can also turn into just good conversation.

Although the scheme there seems modern, it is not quite so. Sexual encounters do happen, but the girl and her partner need to be careful not to be seen together in public, after all, only if a man and a woman are married can they be seen together.

Among Kreung members there are few reports of domestic violence and none related to rape. If the girl becomes pregnant with a man she does not want to marry, the one she chooses as her husband will raise the child as his own without any problem. This more libertarian view of sex and marriage seems to work - there are virtually no cases of divorce.

2 - Mauritania's fattening regime

In this African country, the standard of beauty is completely different from the one we are most used to. Unlike the major fashion centers that sell the ideal of female beauty as an increasingly slim body, in Mauritania the opposite is true. It is not even that women do not follow a standard of beauty: on the contrary! They do, but they make sacrifices to put on weight.

This fattening scheme has to do with the belief that heavier women are better wives. Being overweight means being healthy and is a strong indicator of social status in Mauritania. The men there look for chubby wives to flaunt themselves: hanging out with a plump woman means they are good husbands.

The obsession with weight gain is such that the country is full of “fattening farms” where young women are led through a weight gain process coordinated by older women. Girls are forced to eat large amounts of food and drink a lot of milk. Those who refuse are punished and caught.

The practice is obviously frowned upon by the government of the country, which tries to end this cruel culture mainly by publicizing the health problems caused by obesity. One of the government tactics has even been to popularize new songs that talk about women with slim bodies. The idea, according to rulers, is not to spread the idea of ​​a new standard of beauty, but to clarify that forcing a person to eat should be an illegal practice.

3 - Newlyweds can't go to the toilet in Borneo

If you ever get married in Borneo - anything can happen, you know - keep in mind two things: go to the bathroom before the ceremony and try not to get too stuffy during the party, after all, if you don't know, after the wedding The couple must stay three days without going to the bathroom.

The odd custom has to do with the belief that making number one or number two in the early days of marriage can lead to the divorce of the lovebirds or to make the bride infertile. Some even believe that the son of a couple who went to the bathroom in the first three days after the ceremony could die prematurely and tragically.

Over there, it is common, then, that the couple spend a few days in agony, holding their needs, probably eating and drinking little in what we believe to be one of the worst ways to get out of honeymoon.

Then you might think it's easy to betray movement and break tradition, right? Well ... Theoretically, yes, but in practice it's much more complicated. Just to give you an idea, members of the couple's families are in charge of supervising the spouses. Newlyweds are locked up at home for three days, receiving minimal amounts of water and food. Is it or isn't it the most bizarre way to start a life together?

After the three days of punishment, the couple is finally released and can do their needs and take a shower at will. After that, just hope romanticism returns somehow.

4 - Men in Bhutan

In a bizarre ritual called the “night hunt, ” Bhutan men have the habit of raiding single women's homes at night. Invasion is common, and during it men stop in front of women's beds and try to convince them that they are a great companion for a good night's sleep. Well ... We're not talking exactly about sleep.

The tradition is common throughout the country, but it began in a “romantic” way when a man climbed his beloved's house to jump out his bedroom window and lie next to the maiden. Things are a little different today: men take to the streets in droves at night to find any single woman sleeping alone.

Although the practice is common, it is not accepted by all residents of the country, of course. To understand it is quite simple: Women, would you like to wake up every night with a stranger trying to sleep with you? Men, would you find it cool for strangers to break into your sisters' bedroom at night?

These bachelor hunters are facing more and more obstacles: houses today are lined with padlocks and all kinds of protection against loose entrances, ranging from railings to rabid dogs.

And if you think the weirdness ends there, you are deeply mistaken. If a man is caught breaking into a girl's house at dawn, he is forced to marry her. There are less demanding families, however, that end up penalizing the intruder with housework, such as tending the garden.

5 - People who marry trees

It is not even that the love of nature is taken to a more serious level, but some people in India think that to avoid some cosmic misfortune, the best way out is to marry a tree. This type of ritual is not suitable for everyone, however, but for those born under the influence of the planet Mars - these people are more likely, according to Hinduism, to suffer in their marriages.

The way out for those influenced by Mars is, before marrying someone, marrying a tree. Banana trees are said to be the best "partners." If exchanging vows with a tree is not acceptable to cursed Indians, they also have the option of marrying the statue of the god Vishnu - as long as it is made of silver or gold.

The idea of ​​marrying an inanimate object has to do with the belief that the wrath of Mars will turn to the object, not to the person who married it. Moreover, the wrath of the Red Planet only lasts until one's first marriage, so the problem is solved after the link with the banana tree or the statue.


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