5 places as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle

You have certainly heard of the Bermuda Triangle - and that it supposedly doesn't exist - and you may also know some legends about the sinister Devil's Sea. However, you can find other places surrounded by mystery around the world, and look we're not just talking about Area 51! The folks at ListVerse have posted an article about these places, and we here at Mega Curious have selected the five most intriguing to know. Check out:

1 - Mountains of Superstition

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With such a name, it is evident that the place could only be mysterious! The Superstition Mountains are in Arizona, and legend has it that a man named Jacob Waltz found a gold mine in the 19th century. It turns out that Waltz never revealed the location of the mine to anyone, taking this secret to the grave., and countless expeditions organized to find it failed.

Some people believe that the spirits of those who died trying to find the mine continue to roam the mountains, and Native Americans say the treasures of the mine are guarded by creatures that inhabit underground tunnels and caves. But the best story is the Apaches, who believe the gateway to hell is right there.

2 - Angikuni Lake

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If you think the disappearance of planes and ships is very strange, then imagine a place where an entire village has disappeared! It all happened in 1930, when a hunter who knew the Lake Angikuni region of Canada, looking for a place to spend the night, discovered that the inhabitants of a village where he used to stay had disappeared, leaving everything - like food., clothes and weapons - backwards.

The hunter also found seven dogs used to pull dead sledges from starvation, and a local cemetery grave had been opened and was empty. Still according to the myth, some strange lights would have been seen over the village when the inhabitants disappeared. The mystery of what may have happened has never been unraveled, and the most common theories blame ghosts, aliens, and even vampires for the villagers' disappearance.

3 - Lake Michigan Triangle

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Like the Bermuda Triangle, there is supposed to be a region on Lake Michigan where strange disappearances involving people, aircraft, and boats have occurred. One of the most famous was the case of Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501, which in 1950 disappeared with 55 passengers on board. The plane - a Douglas DC-4 - was going from New York to Minneapolis but, due to bad weather, diverted its route over the lake.

Near midnight, pilot Robert C. Lind requested permission to lower the altitude from 3, 500 to 2, 500 feet, and this was the last contact with the aircraft. A major search operation was organized, including the use of a sonar and trawler at the bottom of the lake. Only small wreckage, bits of upholstery and fragments of human bodies were found floating on the surface, and divers never found the plane's fuselage.

4 - Bennington Triangle

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Look at another ominous triangle here on our list! Located near Vermont in the USA, this site was the scene of at least five mysterious disappearances between 1945 and 1950. The first was that of a man named Middie Rivers, who led a group of hunters. When everyone returned to camp, he distanced himself a little from his companions and was never found again.

Then it was the turn of a girl named Paula Welden, who disappeared without a trace while hiking in the area. The next victim was war veteran James Tetford and, after him, an 8-year-old boy named Paul Jepson, who disappeared. No tracks were found. The last disappearance involved a woman named Frieda Langer.

Frieda was with a cousin when she slipped into a stream and decided to go back to change her wet clothes. So guess what ... She also disappeared, but unlike the other victims, her body was found about 6 months later in an area that had already been thoroughly searched. However, the corpse was so mutilated that the cause of death cannot be determined. Bennington's mysteries were never clarified.

5 - South Atlantic Anomaly

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This place is more curious than sinister and, instead of being located on the surface of the earth, lies over an area near the Brazilian coast. The South Atlantic Anomaly is a region in which the Van Allen belt - radiation ring system - has its closest approximation to the planet's surface.

Interestingly, thanks to the high concentration of particles there, satellites, spacecraft and other equipment often present a variety of problems when flying over this area. So much so that International Space Station personnel avoid going into space to make repairs as they pass over the Anomaly, and in addition to technical problems, several astronauts said they saw strange lights and “shooting stars” in the area.


And do you, reader, know more places as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle that were not mentioned in the list above? Be sure to share with us in the comments.

* Originally posted on 03/20/14