5 bizarre mysteries that have never been explained

Are almost mythical monsters just the imagination of people living in isolated places or even unknown species? What's more, mysteriously dead people, toxic meteorites, and severed feet brought by the sea: these are some other intriguing phenomena that have not yet been satisfactorily explained.

1 - Meteor disease

Image Source: Falls and Finds

On September 15, 2007, the village of Carancas in Peru, near the Bolivian border, was hit by a meteorite that formed a crater 4.5 meters deep and 13 meters wide. From it, boiling water began to flow, releasing foul-smelling gases that left the villagers suffering from unexplained illnesses with varying symptoms.

One theory is that there was a mixture of groundwater from the site, which would have arsenic, sulfur-containing rocks and the meteorite substances themselves: a combination of gases that would have poisoned people.

2 - Feet brought by the ocean

Image Source: BoingBoing.net

For more than four years, at least 11 human feet have been brought by sea to the coast of the city of British Columbia in western Canada. The feet, still in shoes, appeared on the beaches of the Georgia Basin. Intriguing is also the fact that most are left feet.

A bad joke? Strange processes of decomposition of drowned people's bodies? As the feet float, theories sink.

3 - Step Dyatlov incident

Image Source: Listverse

Nine Russian skiers, led by Igor Dyatlov, on an expedition north of the Ural Mountains were found dead in February 1959 under frightening and unexplained circumstances.

The sleeping tents were torn from the inside out and many of the climbers tried to flee on foot, even in heavy snowfall. Fractured skulls and broken ribs are thought to have been caused by a force far greater than the human. Massive levels of radioactivity were also found in the victims' clothing. What would have caused all this?

4 - Terrible Dingonek Monster

Image Source: Frontiers of Zoology

Reports of mysterious monsters appear all over the world and one of them catches the eye: the Dingonek monster. Reported in several forests on the African continent, the animal would be over 4.5 meters and would be scaly, square-headed, with horns and a poisonous tail.

Also known as "Jungle Walrus", the almost mythical animal looks a lot like cave-painted creatures from South Africa. European explorers who ventured into the African continent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries also describe the terrible killer animal of humans, reptiles and large mammals.

5 - Worm

Image Source: Listverse

And here to close our story about unexplainable bizarre things, we chose an animal from our South American land: the worm would be a terrible underground monster resembling a giant worm over four meters. Supposedly, spotted in Uruguay and near Amazon, the animal would make tunnels and have large tentacles coming out of its head.

Some scientists speculate that these could be giant cecilia, amphibians of the order Gymnophiona or Apoda, to which the blind snake also belongs.

So which of these mysteries did you find most intriguing? Remember other unexplained events?

* Originally posted 29/03/2013.