5 clever ways to get drunk without drinking

For many, alcohol is one of man's greatest enemies. For others, the story happens just the opposite. But is it possible to get drunk without swallowing a drop of alcohol? The answer is yes". Of course, this does not dispense with the absorption of the product by the human body, but prevents the process from involving ingestion.

As we have already said in the title of the article, there are several “unwise” ways to do the process. None of them are recommended to you. In addition to leaving the person drunk, there are also high chances of serious health damage - and even death in some cases. We emphasize: this subject should be seen as a “five things not to do at home”.

1. Nose Drink

The nasal mucosa is one of the most sensitive in the human body. Allowing an alcoholic drink to pass it is a real punishment for anyone. So using a straw to drink vodka is not what we might call "cleverness." In addition to getting drunk, the person who does this will also have dryness and nose bleeds.

2. Inhalation

A few years ago Europe saw the arrival of the AWOL ( Alcohol Without Liquid ) market. The product turned alcohol into steam, whether it was brought into the body by an inhaler. In this way, alcohol reached the bloodstream much faster, enhancing the process. The device has been banned in much of Europe.

(Image Source: Playback / AWOL)

3. Sublingual Absorption

Although most people imagine that it is necessary to drink to absorb alcohol, the truth is quite different. There are reports that there are new products that are put into the mouth to gradually release alcohol. But as Gizmodo pointed out, this is not what we can call "efficient." It takes a long time with the product in the mouth and, depending on the drink, the "burning" of alcohol can be quite large.

4. "Drink" by the eye

Of all the methods shown here, this can be considered the least clever. There are several people who put bottles in their eyeballs and hope this facilitates the absorption of alcohol. The truth is that the amounts of alcohol obtained in this way are very low and there is a high chance that the damage the process can cause to the eyes is permanent.

5. Inject Alcohol

Nothing recommended and very dangerous, the last method on our list can lead to injuries and ruptures of veins and arteries, internal bleeding, widespread infection and death. We start with the side effects to show that the practice of injecting alcohol directly into the blood is unhealthy - and even less smart.


Drinking too much alcohol is never a best practice, but as is clear from this article, if you want to do so, it is good to use the traditional method - and to have reached legal age, of course.

Sources: Gizmodo and Science 2.0