5 Genetic Mutations You May Unknowingly Have

1. Blue eyes

A mutation in the OCA2 gene has given rise to blue eyes, and this is quite recent in human history: the first case is believed to have happened in the region of Spain 7, 000 years ago! The mutation turned off the brown iris pigment, giving rise to blue eyes, which are now found in 8% of the world's population.

Blue eyes

2. Lactose tolerance

Initially, cow's milk wasn't something humans could consume, but when we started domesticating these animals about 10, 000 years ago, a mutation in the MCM6 gene allowed us to consume their milk without getting sick. Although this has emerged in Europe, evidence indicates that the mutation also happened naturally in the region of India!


3. Red Hair

About 5% of the world's population has the genetic mutation that causes auburn hair. Countries like Scotland have a higher concentration of people with reddish hues due to the geographic isolation, which provided a higher concentration of redheads there. The mutation occurred in the MC1R gene responsible for melanin production around 20 to 40, 000 years ago.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

4. Redness from drinking alcohol

Called “Asian flush, ” since 35% of Orientals have it, this condition is one that turns the cheeks pink when one drinks alcohol. And she doesn't even have to get drunk for this to happen, since it's an autoimmune reaction that starts in the liver: the gene that codes for the enzyme ALDH2 can't fully digest alcohol, and it shows up in the face.

Red cheek

5. Lack of wisdom tooth

From 10% to 25% of Americans of European origin, 40% of Asians, 11% of African descent and up to 45% of Inuit have one thing in common: the absence of at least one of the teeth called the third molar (or popularly wisdom or "Wisdom tooth"). With the discovery of fire by our ancestors, food became softer, and the last teeth, which are born in their 20s, no longer have much use.

Wisdom teeth