5 Famous People Who Claimed Believe In Aliens

1 - Ridley Scott

Well, it was to be expected that after directing 1979's 'Alien the Eighth Passenger', 2012's 'Prometheus', and 'Alien: Covenant' which has just been released in theaters, Ridley Scott would surely believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, isn't it?

(Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore)

For, during a promotion interview for the latest feature, the director said he believed there are hundreds of alien species out there and expressed concern in case an intergalactic team decides to visit us. According to Ridley, if we are stupid enough to challenge them, we will be annihilated in 3 seconds.

2 - Gillian Anderson

You certainly remember the duo of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the X-Files series, right? For though Dana was the least gullible of the two investigators on the show, Gillian Anderson, the character's life-giving actress, said she believed that, considering the vastness of the universe, it makes no sense that Earth is the only planet full of life forms.

(Wikimedia Commons / Martin Kraft)

According to Gillian, she believes in the possibility of alien beings, including technologically more advanced civilizations than us scattered throughout the cosmos.

3 - William Shatner

If you are a fan of "Star Trek", you must recognize the face of the famous Captain Kirk, played by Canadian actor William Shatner in the first seven films of the franchise and also in the television series.

(Wikimedia Commons)

For Shatner explained during a 2010 interview that he is sure that there are alien beings out there and that in his mind there is no doubt that the universe is teeming with extraterrestrial life forms.

4 - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill went down in history as the brilliant - and stubborn - politician who led the UK virtually from defeat to victory during World War II. But don't think that he cared only about issues related to the future and welfare of his nation!

(Wikimedia Commons / BiblioArchives - LibraryArchives)

In 1939, before becoming prime minister, Churchill wrote an essay entitled “ Are We Alone in the Universe? ”-“ Are We Alone in the Universe? ”, In which he presents his ideas about what life is, what would be the necessary ingredients for its appearance on other planets (decades before the first exoplanets were discovered) and He openly admits that he did not believe that Earth could be the only place in the cosmos with living creatures.

5 - Stephen Hawking

Not surprisingly, the brilliant theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has been warning everyone about the dangers of humans being able to make contact with alien civilizations - which makes clear their belief in the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

(Wikimedia Commons / Doug Wheller)

According to Hawking, there is a possibility that someday we will be able to detect some kind of signal coming from a habitable exoplanet, but it may not be a good idea to answer the call. The physicist fears that, in case of a visit, we might come across beings in search of resourceful worlds to be "pillaged" as they roam the cosmos colonizing and conquering other planets.

* The above list was created based on a selection published by Denise Chow of the Live Science website. You can check out the full article through this link.


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