5 people who prove it's never too late to do something

It is common for some people to compare seniors with frailty and even inability to perform some activities that younger people do on a daily basis. However, there are people who prove that life span is only a number and that you can be extremely healthy and do whatever you want even after age 60.

Do not believe? Russian photojournalist Vladimir Yakovlev's project “Age of Happiness” proves it! He traveled the world to meet seniors who do “unlikely” things for their age. Meet some of these amazing people:

1 - Robert Marchand - 103 years old

Robert is a Frenchman from the commune of Mitry-Mory, who at the age of 35 finished seventh at the Grand Prix des Nations, which was held in France. Even after centenary, he continues training and in 2012 he achieved a world record for covering 24.2 km over 100 years. In January 2014, at age 102, he broke his own record, increasing the distance to 26.9 km. In November it is 104 years old. Will he excel himself again?

2 - Yvonne Dowlen - 89 years old

When Yvonne, who lives in Colorado, was 80 years old, suffered a serious concussion in a car accident. The attending doctor said she could consider her athletic career as a finished ice skater. Currently 89 years old, you are still participating in competitions as before. If you doubt Yvonne's skills, check out a video of her skating:

Yvonne Dowlen from Ice Docs on Vimeo.

3 - Greta Pontarelli - 64 years old

The American started practicing pole dancing at the age of 59. When she joined the International Pole Sports Federation, there were few women who practiced the sport. The federation created a competition category for people over 50 just three years after its entry. Pontarelli has had several achievements in the sport, such as the finalist position at the International Pole Competition Masters in 2013. She also participated in the last federation world championship:

4 - Lynn Ruth Miller - 81 years old

You probably know what stand-up comedy is, but if you don't know, it's a comedy style in which the comedian performs cleanly, like himself, onstage. Lynn has been part of this comedian team for 11 years and proves that her sense of humor is age-independent. The performance below was not subtitled, but you can see her mood on stage:

5 - Lloyd Kahn - 79 years old

Lloyd lives in California and is the founder and chief editor of Shelter Publications, as well as a writer and photographer. But that's not what catches the eye of this 79-year-old American. The amazing fact is that he learned to skate at 65. It's not for anyone!

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