5 superbacan buildings that never got off the ground

Whenever we watch a super-surfer movie or that takes place on another planet / dimension, we see very different constructions from the ones we have here. It turns out that imagination is almost limitless, and that includes the imagination of architects. So much so that the buildings you will see next, although they do not exist, are products of real designs.

Now the artists at NeoMam Studios have adapted these designs to the canvases for the people at On Stride Financial - and also so that the world can get an idea of ​​what they would look like if they were built. Check it out!

1. Bangkok, Thailand hyperbuilding


(On Stride Financial)

In fact, this project created by architect Rem Koolhaas no longer seems so surreal to many people; However, in 1996, when he thought of the concept, many people found it quite absurd.

The idea was that it was a kind of mega-building designed to deal with urban overpopulation. There would fit 120, 000 people and, besides houses, there would be offices, recreation areas, green areas. Anyway, it was a kind of vertical city, which for us is becoming a very acceptable subject.

It all depends on the season, right?

2. The Megamide of Shimizu City, Japan


(On Stride Financial)

The idea is superb. The pyramid would be almost 2, 000 meters high and would be able to accommodate around 1 million people. Very high and with space for many people!

But the best is yet to come: According to the project, the pyramid is made to be strong enough to withstand tsunamis and earthquakes, two extremely worrying situations in the country. The only problem is that it cannot be made because there are no materials available for a work of this magnitude. Maybe one day...

3. A walking city in London, England


(On Stride Financial)

Did the previous projects seem too quiet? Let's look at this one. In the 1960s, the Englishman Ron Herron worried about the devastation of the planet and created projects of small walking cities endowed with artificial intelligence. The idea was that, out of necessity, these cities would use their robotic legs and go after resources on their own.

4. The Tatlin Tower, Russia

Futuristic tower

(On Stride Financial)

This building was designed in 1919 by Vladmir Tatlin and designed to be a monument and seat of the Third Communist International. It would be about 400 meters high and would be made of iron, glass and steel. It just didn't come out of paper because it would be absurdly expensive by the standards of the time.

5. The Triumphal Elephant, France

Paris elephant

(On Stride Financial)

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in the world and a great pride for the French, but in 1758, long before the construction of the Arc (1806), architect Charles Ribert proposed an alternative that did not succeed: the Triumphal Elephant!

The monument could be accessed from within and would have three floors; even one of them would play an orchestra so that music would come out of the elephant's ears. In addition, he would be a spring, and water would flow from his trunk. Creative, no?


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