5 Bizarre Hangover Remedies

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Ah, the hangover ... That well-known malaise we usually feel after we have overdone just a little, and that promises us that we will never drink again in life. Has it ever happened to you?

Have you ever wondered how people cure - or cure - the hangover around the world? Here are some of the most bizarre recipes to get rid of your discomfort. Check it out and give it a try if you're brave:


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Of course, curing the hangover on Cosa Nostra land had to involve ingredients at its height, didn't it? According to the Daily Star, to restore well-being and virility, Sicilians eat dry bull penises.


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This tradition must have been Gengis Kan's idea! To cure the hangover, according to The Thelegraph, the Mongols drink tomato juice with a pair of pickled sheep's eyes. But if you think your stomach won't resist the "medicine", there is a milder option, which involves tea and rabbit poop.


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According to The Thelegraph, for Romanians the best way to cure the discomfort caused by overdoing alcohol is a good double dish. After all, nothing better than cow guts to turn anyone's gut, don't you think?

ancient Rome

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The orgies and parties dedicated to the god Bacchus are well known to everyone, as well as all the excesses committed by the ancient Romans. And, according to Forbes, legend has it that Pliny the old man had a surefire cure for the hangover: a canary, frying oil, salt and pepper to taste. Salty and crispy!


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After so many bizarre recipes and remedies, how about one that looks nice? In Namibia, partygoers have a very interesting hangover cure called Buffalo Milk. But don't think Namibians use real milk! According to the folks at Three Sheets, this is a whip of ice cream, rum, Amarula and sour cream, ideal for you to forget the promise that you would never drink again!

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