5 unique streets that will surprise you

Do you know when you're out and about - whether it's while visiting an unfamiliar city or even walking through your own neighborhood - and suddenly you turn a corner and come across a surprising and unusual street? For what is not lacking there are places like this, which are gradually becoming famous and even becoming overflowing tourist spots.

The folks at Oddee have published an interesting article about these kind of streets, and we at Mega Curioso have selected five examples for you to check out. By the way, dear reader, be sure to tell us in the comments which was your favorite street, and if you know any interesting that was not mentioned in the list!

1 - All blue

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

If your favorite color is blue, regardless of its many shades, then you'll love the village of Chefchaouen. Located in Morocco, many streets in the medina - the old historic center - were painted this color by Jewish refugees who lived there during the 1930s, and today attract thousands of tourists each year.

2 - Parasols

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

The floating parasols of the city of Águeda, in Portugal, actually appeared as an installation created during the annual art festival that takes place in the locality. However, as the objects were scattered for two consecutive years - and approved by the population, who loved the over-colored look and pleasing parasol - it is possible that the umbrellas will eventually turn into a permanent installation, at least in summer.

3 - The Cum of Xing Ling

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Localized - as you might have imagined! - In China, the street above, which we have already commented on here at Mega Curioso, has a number of fake shops whose names on the façades vary from Zare, instead of Zara, Bogs, instead of Boss, SFFCCCKS, in instead of Starbucks, and H&N, rather than H&M, to name a few.

4 - Full of free

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Located in Barcelona's Vila de Gràcia, the streets you just saw in the picture are decorated this way during the August holidays, and even competitions are held to decide which one is the most decorated. Among the best known routes are the Travessera de Gràcia and Torrent de l`Olla, as well as some squares as well, such as Plaça del Rellotge and Plaça del Sol .

5 - Cracks

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Doesn't the street above look like a layer of ice that has been breaking apart and leaving only a few pieces behind? The road is called Roombek and is located in the commercial center of Enschede in the Netherlands and was named after a stream of the same name that ran underground. The watercourse was brought to the surface and incorporated into the urban environment, becoming the main attraction of the place.