5 Signs That You Are In A Relationship That Will Be Lasting

1 - You both have your own way of talking

It doesn't matter if it is any different voice or even words that you came up with that you use together, the fact is that this is a sign that the couple is in tune. It is also proven that this communication that only you both understand serves to make the lovebirds more united and also for the two to establish a particular identity of the couple.

There is even a relationship between the couple's language use and relationship satisfaction: the more they talk the way they choose to talk, the more satisfied and happy they are.

2 - When you are together, you no longer worry about everything

In the first meetings, it is normal that there is a concern about the clothes used, what is said at the dinner table and even the movie that is suggested. As the relationship gets into gear and gets serious, this behavior decreases and both stop monitoring each other all the time.

In longer relationships, we are gradually acting naturally and speaking without braking all the time. We are clearer and more open.

3 - You have internal jokes that no one else understands

Couples tend to develop even more similar body language, which makes them become more and more equal and therefore have fun with similar things. Living together for long periods, these couples often have their internal jokes that, if heard by an outsider, make no sense and sometimes are not even funny.

4 - You start talking similarly

Couples who are really close begin to talk in a similar way, either by using their vocabulary or by the pace with which they articulate. This has to do with the so-called “emotional contagion, ” which is what happens when two people spend a lot of time together and start repeating each other's communication patterns.

So much of this is already proven: when people have been together for more than 3 months, the way they exchange text messages is very similar, and this is also an indication that the relationship goes far.

5 Sometimes you get physically alike


It is not from today that this issue is studied. Psychologist Robert Zajonc did a 1987 survey of couples who look alike and concluded that they actually use the same muscles when moving and over time mirror each other according to the so-called “shared coordination structure”, which justifies how we copy small gestures of the people we love and who are by our side.


And since the subject is love ...