5 anime technologies we'd like to see in real life

Every day we see, in works of fiction, technologies being generated to give a more fanciful feel or something more futuristic to aggregate and make the world created by brilliant minds a little more alive. See "Star Trek, " which to this day influences the research and development of new lifestyle apparatuses.

Today, TecMundo decided to take a look at the technologies that anime of recent times created and that left us with that feeling of "Wow, why don't we have this yet?".

1 - NerveGear, from "Sword Art Online"

With each season released, the "Sword Art Online" virtual reality immersion system has become more and more robust. The first NerveGear (which probably would not pass any kind of quality test) simulated and stimulated the user's vision and hearing only reliably; the touch was muffled so that he would not feel much pain. Its second iteration only improved the graphics, while removing the slight defect of frying users' brains.

In "SAO: Alicization", where the protagonist is a beta tester of new virtual reality hardware, the device can precisely stimulate any sense as well as manipulate the mind to block certain memories, such as that world where you are inserted is actually a virtual reality.

How real is that?

NerveGear is a very interesting tool, and its early versions do not escape much of what we already have with Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, were it not for the fact that it can induce the user to sleep and stimulate the brain. with this autonomy. It would not be a big surprise if something like that came up by the end of the 21st century.

2 - GALAX, from "Gatchaman Crowds"

If all the social networks we know come together, we would have a powerful collaboration, communication and entertainment tool, allied to IoT concepts. With GALAX, the utopian social network featured in the anime, you can tell, for example, if there are any doctors around if an accident happens.

By detecting any fatality that can be reported by its users, GALAX triggers people within the tool that can respond to the crisis and thus solve the problem quickly (or at least assist in emergencies).

How real is that?

That kind of social networking wouldn't be something out of our reach if we weren't so worried about new videos of people dancing next to moving cars or cucumbers freaking cats out.

3 - Automails, from "Full Metal Alchemist"

In a fusion of engineering and medicine, the Automails are metal prostheses for people who had accidents and lost a limb. Although recovery is as painful and time-consuming as it is in real life, these prostheses can masterfully simulate the functionality of a normal limb and can still be modified to combat or even replace vital organs.

How real is that?

Although the field of prosthetic development is evolving rapidly over the years, we have not yet been able to simulate with steel the same complexity of a flesh and bone limb. The way is to focus even more on research to make life a little better for those who need it.

4 - Magma Energy, from "Darling in the Franxx"

One of humanity's greatest obstacles today is how to safely generate and store energy. In "Darling in the Franxx", "magma energy" was discovered, which goes beyond extracting energy from the heat of magma.

By creating a convincing pseudoscience of how it works (with infinite energy possibilities), the Darling in the Franxx Magma Energy can supply big cities and even giant robots (you know you want it, and so do we). Unfortunately, in the anime mankind has been extinguished by its greed - which doesn't make technology any less cool, of course.

How real is that?

We are still looking for the perfect energy source, and while Darling's solution is convincing, it is not plausible. Until we find it, we keep stockpiling the wind.

5 - Almost Everything from "Psycho Pass"

Are you in the mood to go out with the guys, but wanted a more modern look? Done. Your home décor is very postmodern, and do you think a more Victorian style would go better with your yorkshire? Beauty. Your car has a very great design, and do you prefer something more sporty? No problems. In "Psycho Pass", a super-efficient and welcome technology is shown, which anime is hardly willing to explain (even because it is not the focus of the story), in which everything lives by appearances.

Your home has an artificial intelligence that simulates any environment; your clothes are generated on demand, like someone choosing a movie on Netflix. Cars may change their design and color depending on what is needed. The bad part that came with all this is the totalitarian artificial intelligence that judges and punishes every member of society on a daily basis. But you can sacrifice some things for the sake of convenience ... right?

How real is that?

We still have plenty of ground to be able to artificially generate material goods at the speed shown in "Psycho Pass", where everything comes true at a button turn. However, at least we pass the dystopian future where everything is made of soy.

… ..

Between incredible apparatuses and absurd technologies, each anime season we discover interesting trachitans that authors create to "spice up" the history of their works. By the way, how about taking a look at this article about the absurd technologies that the anime industry has provided us?


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