5 Science Approved Tricks to Flirt Like a Pro

If you've given our tips on how to look more attractive, it's time to invest in flirting. After all, it's no use being beautiful and being available if you don't know how to show interest and use your body language to your advantage.

The tricks we reveal here are based on the results of several scientific studies selected by TIME magazine. And the good news is that the tips you give below are for men and women - because, besides knowing how to flirt, it's crucial to realize when someone is hitting on you, right?

But does it really work?

Some people may not believe it, but several studies have proven that an exchange of looks, proper gestures and discreet touches can make all the difference when it comes to conquering a person. There are even researches that claim that all this is more important than being attractive.

In this regard, Dr. Monica Moore, a psychologist at Webster University in the United States, conducted a study of flirting techniques in bars, malls, and other places people go to meet other people. The researcher concluded that it is not exactly the prettiest men and women who attract suitors, but those who demonstrate availability and confidence through basic signals such as eye contact and smiles.

So now that you're convinced flirting works, check out some tricks that will make you a professional at flirting.

# 1 - Smile and Make Eye Contact


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When eyes meet and a smile appears, your chances of achievement increase considerably. Researchers have already pointed out that these two gestures are universal and work for men and women.

“… Available evidence suggests that men and women around the world share many nonverbal behaviors to show interest. Smiling and making eye contact seem to be universal methods used by men and women, ”says one of the studies selected by TIME.

# 2 - Invest in the Ringtones


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If you have the opportunity to get closer to the person who piqued your interest, you can use this moment to invest in the ringtones. But that does not mean that you will go out grabbing and hugging your (or your) suitor. For this reason, the researchers classified the ringtones into different types and defined what they might indicate to the other person.

  • Friendly: handshake and jerks or pats on the shoulder
  • Significant: Touches around the neck and waist or forearm
  • Infallible: touches on the face

“The behavior that participants rated most flirting and attracting is a soft touch on the face, followed by a touch around the neck and waist and then a soft touch on the forearm. In addition, the gentle, informal touch that occurs face to face or involves hugs seems to be what most demonstrates other intentions, ”reports one research.

And guys: It has also been proven that simply touching a girl's forearm increases the chances of you getting her phone.

# 3 - Be aware of different situations


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We behave differently in different situations and places. Therefore, this rule is also valid when you are flirting with someone. This makes the first signs - smiles and eye contact - need to be more emphatic in more formal environments for them to work. Check out the findings of a study:

“For each context, participants reported whether they thought the unknown was flirting with them or not. The results revealed considerably higher percentages of positive responses when the stranger was in a bar instead of a school aisle (61% versus 49%), when the stranger was struggling against poorly established eye contact (68% versus 41%) and when the stranger gave a compliment instead of asking the time (83% versus 26%). ”

This allows us to conclude that the feeling that someone was interested is stronger when the stranger strives to compliment a bar, which is the kind of environment that facilitates contact between people.

# 4 - Be seen


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During the conquest, women have some features like showing their hair or crossing their legs. But what can men do to attract the opposite sex? If you also figured that showing off your physical skills would be the best alternative, you're wrong.

Research has shown that flirting whose main purpose is physical attraction has no effect on men. In fact, the key is to demonstrate social dominance. Check out the study:

“The results indicated that men who successfully initiated romantic contact with a woman exhibited a greater number of specific types of nonverbal behavior than other men. Specifically, the men who succeeded in making shorter eye contact, better occupied the space with their movements (ie, positioned the body to take up more space, such as extending the arm in a chair), moved more often at the bar. and they touched the men around him more often (that is, they touched or elbowed in a playful way other men). ”

From this, the researchers concluded that these aspects of social dominance draw more attention from women.

# 5 - Really flirt


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If you have tried some of the tips above but did not get the result you expected, it may be time to review your methods. In the midst of all this research, experts found people who believed they were getting the message right when, in fact, others did not realize they were flirting.

“A recent series of investigations by Vorauer and his colleagues has shown that the fear of being rejected by a suitor may produce a detrimental tendency. The 'signal amplification trend' occurs when a person believes that their behavior communicates more romantic interest to a suitor than actually happens, and then they do not realize that they have not adequately conveyed their feelings of attraction, ”the research reports.

When in doubt, the tip is to invest in all these tricks and be a little more emphatic the next time you want to win someone over.

* * *

If you would like to see details of the scientific studies cited above, be sure to visit the TIME website. But, before that, tell us what are the tricks you use to succeed at conquest.