5 Tricks to Capture Perfect Puppy Photos

A study by the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science shows how adoption dogs benefited from quality photos. We analyzed the images of 468 puppies from Petfinder, USA, and how long it took for them to be adopted.

While the report states “five tricks for capturing perfect dog photos for adoption, ” it can be extended to all dogs in general.

The study points out that dogs with quality photos were adopted in approximately 14 days - as opposed to the 43 days required for “poorer” pets. Another metric shows that dogs with outdoor photos took 37 days to gain an owner, compared to 51 days required for indoor dogs.

A few details make the difference: the dog standing and looking at the camera in an outdoor setting are very important details. Outfits and embellishments such as outfits and bandanas apparently have no bearing on adopters. Therefore, capriche really is in the quality of the photo. Check out the 5 tips:

1. Outdoor photos

Outdoor photos increase the chances of puppies being adopted. But beware: it is no use taking them anywhere outside; You have to go somewhere quiet, with trees and shrubs. Those responsible for the study believe that this technique captures the moving animal, giving potential adopters the impression that they are more “active” than other animals.

2. Beware of image background

The photo is to have the dog as a star. So be careful when framing and do not put anything in the image that might distract adopters. Look for beautiful backgrounds, such as lawns, shrubs, and trees, but not visually polluted.

3. Blur the background

Blurring the background of the image can also be an interesting alternative for you to focus only on the puppy. This gives the image a more professional look, making it more enjoyable for potential adopters to see. Also, if you can't change the background of the image and need it as soon as possible, this is a good tip on how to achieve a great effect while not “respecting” the previous two tips.

4. Eye Contact

It is very important that the puppy is looking at the picture. You can achieve this through toys, bells, snacks, or anything else that catches the eye of the dog for those photographing. Dogs that look at the photos generate greater sympathy in those who want to adopt them.

5. Let the dog relax

Another key tip: the dog needs to be happy! It is no use being in a beautiful environment with a nice background and the dog looking at the picture if his expression shows tension or sadness. Capturing a joyful and tender moment requires a lot of time, but it will certainly be efficient when it comes to finding a possible pet owner.


These are just a few tips for getting quality images of animals that are in shelter or abused. Many are sad to have been abandoned by their owners, and we know that capturing a happy moment is not an easy task. But the perfect picture could give a different direction to this little animal's life! It is as the saying goes: "marketing is the soul of business". And if the "business" is animal welfare, all the tricks must be taken advantage of!

* Posted on 3/8/2015


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