6 curious and strange military bases around the world

Around the planet we can find military bases of all kinds. Some became strange and abandoned over time, while others became popular inhabiting the universe of movies, books and games. Check out some of them!

1. Raven Rock Mountain Complex

This US military base is actually an underground bunker. It was designed to serve as the country's command center during World War II. Situated in the Blue Ride Summit region of Pennsylvania, mountain construction can withstand a nuclear explosion.

In addition, it is self-contained with water reservoirs, sophisticated ventilation system and two power plants.

(Source: White House / Reproduction)

2. Olavsvern

This Norwegian base was built at the time of the Cold War. It is located 15 km from the city of Tromso, occupying a territory covering 25 thousand square kilometers. After the fall of the USSR, it remained in operation until 2011. It was later bought by a millionaire who turned it into a center to house ships carrying out scientific research for Russia.

(Source: The Barents Observer / Reproduction)

3. Duga-3

The Duga-3 military base is another project of the former Soviet Union. Its objective was to detect missile attacks. Incidentally, that is exactly why it is surrounded by a gigantic and strange metal structure and antennas. After all, it had to be abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

(Source: Wikipedia Commons / Reproduction)

4. Cheyenne Mountains

North American Aerospace Defense Command is housed at the military base of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado (USA). It scans the heavens for every kind of threat. It also resists nuclear explosions and is self sufficient with cooling system, water supply, heating system and the power plant itself.

(Source: airway / Playback)

5. Yulin Base

Information about this Chinese military base emerged around 2008. At the time, the US even published satellite imagery showing the size of the facility. According to US government surveys, the Chinese could move about 20 submarines from this base, all with ballistic missiles of intercontinental range.

(Source: PressFrom / Playback)

6. NSA Utah Data Center

In 2013, the US inaugurated the NSA Data Center, the largest spy center ever built among its military bases. The gigantic facility houses servers that are used to analyze and monitor all kinds of Internet traffic and data. It is estimated that it can store five zettabytes of data - 1 zettabayte is one billion terabytes.

(Source: Business Insider / Reproduction)