6 things we can discover just by looking at someone

1 - Do not keep eye contact for long

While it's nice to talk to someone looking into that person's eyes, be careful not to overdo it. Keeping your eyes on someone for a long time is seen as a sign of intimidation. In a test to determine the optimum eye contact time, it was stipulated that people feel comfortable with a direct eye contact of 3.3 seconds - when it goes uninterrupted, things start to get weird.

2 - Your look can reveal your lies

In addition to indicating intimidation, too long eye contact may indicate that the person is telling a lie. The fact is that when an individual is trying to deceive someone, he or she tries to show signs of honesty and, as eye contact is one of them, it is very likely that he will abuse the resource and overdo it without realizing it.

3 - Pupils dilate by arousal and interest

One way to tell if a person is interested in you or what you are saying is by watching their pupils. If they are dilated, that is a good sign - and that is true even for sexual interest. The opposite is also true: pupils that close may indicate lack of stimulation.

4 - Flashing quickly may indicate attraction

A person usually blinks between 15 and 20 times per minute, and when they blink more than that, it can be an indication that they are attracted to the person they are looking at or talking to. Winks in a row is a great indication of flirting - or that a speck has fallen into the eye, of course.

5 - For some cultures, blinking can be offensive

As in Brazil, a wink of an eye only indicates, in the US, a sign of complicity or joke between two people. In China, on the other hand, this is interpreted as a very offensive sign. Bizarre, right?

6 - The direction of the look also says a lot

Just look interesting: If a person looks left, this may be a sign that they are trying to remember something. Now if she looks to the right, it may mean she is coming up with creative ideas - in that sense it may also be a sign that the person is making up a lie. But pay attention: this goes for right-handed people; for lefties the meanings are reversed.


So what else do you think we can discover just by looking at a person?