6 Common Behaviors That Are Typical Of Psychopaths

1 - Studying entrepreneurship and business

Each person's personality ultimately influences the type of job they choose - super-shy individuals, for example, are unlikely to work with sales. Psychopaths have a tendency to fall into the business world at work.

This statement comes from a Danish study this year that looked at the personality traits of several college students. The results revealed that the students who scored the most in terms of narcissistic, Machiavellian and psychopathic personality were those who studied economics or business.

For researchers, this may have to do with their desire for power, social status and money.

2 - Not being infected by yawning

The idea that yawning is contagious is certainly not foreign to you, right? It turns out that psychopaths, because they can't empathize, also don't catch someone else's yawning, according to a 2015 study in Texas.

3 - Being a night person

There are people who are more productive during the day and who prefer the night to produce more. Although this has a lot to do with how each clock works, a survey conducted in 2013 found that those who work better at night are more likely to be psychopaths, you know?

4 - Like Eminem

Yes, science really has no limits when it comes to doing behavioral research. At New York University, a group of researchers went into depth to investigate the musical taste of psychopaths. They found that those who like Blackstreet's “No Diggity” and Eminem's “Lose Yourself” tend to be people with more psychopathic personality traits.

5 - Be creative

Filipino researchers have found that traits linked to creativity, especially boldness, have to do with common and divergent thoughts in artists and people who enjoy breaking the rules, even when it doesn't mean breaking the law. In some cases, however, creative boldness seems to be indicative of a psychopathic personality as well.

6 - Maintain friendship with ex-boyfriends

Having friendly relationships with who you once called the big guy can be indicative of psychopathy, you know? In September this year, a study by Oakland psychologists revealed that those with psychopathic traits tend not to sever relationships with ex-boyfriends.

Keeping these people in their lives seems to have a special reason, such as their desire to resume in the future or speculate on events about their financial and social lives, for example. Because they don't like to fail or lose, psychopaths and narcissists insist on keeping in touch, too, because one day they can decide to end the relationship.