6 online courses to help meet the 2019 goals

After the holiday season, it's time to put the 2019 resolutions into practice. Whether it's for personal or professional life, everyone usually has at least a list of goals during this time. Often they involve learning or honing new skills, which is not always easy to move on without outside help. This is where Udemy, a reference in online courses in technology, business, marketing, design, personal development, and more, comes in to solve your life.

Want to learn about digital marketing, but don't have the time to spend time on the go? Do you have difficult times to reconcile with classroom classes? None of this is a deterrent. Udemy is the largest online course platform in the world, with over 65, 000 courses and 20 million students. This is only possible because the classes cater to a wide range of audiences, both those who are beginning to learn about a subject and experts in an area who want to catch up. In addition, Udemy, which also offers personal development courses, goes out of its way to make life easier for the student. Since access to the course is lifelong, without tuition, there is no start or end date. That is, the pace of study is determined according to the student's conditions.

It has some more advantages. Online course is not synonymous with having to deal with content alone. Udemy has masters to help leverage your career and achieve your personal and professional goals. Udemy Masters are up-to-date experts on a wide range of topics, always available to support any questions that arise throughout the course. To ensure you have access to the best professionals, they are assessed daily by students. So only the most capable are highlighted.

The price will not be a deterrent either. Udemy courses, which also provide training in multiple languages, are priced at only $ 19.99. Oh, and there is additional information that matters to those who are undergraduate: each course generates a certificate of hours, allowing you to pay off extracurricular activities in college.

Now that you know what to expect, check out this list of 6 online courses from different areas that TecMundo has selected.

1) FULL C # 2019 Object Oriented Programming + Projects

C # is a programming language developed by Microsoft as part of the .NET platform. Its syntax was based on C ++, although it brings influences from other languages, such as Java. The purpose of this course is to provide a solid theoretical and practical foundation for object-oriented development and C # language.

Classes begin by addressing the basics of the tool, and may even be accompanied by those who have never worked with C #. The prerequisite is that the student is familiar with programming logic and able to solve some problems. At the end of the course, you will master in-depth topics such as interfaces, polymorphism, SOLID principles, design patterns, generics, lambda expressions, delegates, LINQ, and more.

2) English Course! - The Fantastic Method to Be Fluent

Having a good command of the English language is almost mandatory in different careers today, but the learning process can be tortuous. This course solves the problem by providing an innovative method for fluency in the language. Students with any level of English proficiency will benefit from classes, including those who have never had contact with the language.

Structured to address key points in English grammar, such as verb tenses and differences in the use of verbs such as “be” and “can”, the first class already covers content that takes semesters to be dealt with in traditional courses. Supplemental classes and materials also provide extensive vocabulary, allowing the student to express themselves competently.

3) From Basic to Advanced - The Complete Course of Microsoft Excel

A basic notion of data management in a spreadsheet is a skill that cannot be overlooked in the job market. Knowing how to work with them in advance, making macros, pivot tables, and some formulas is even more important. If you want to learn how to do it all in Excel, this is the course you should choose. The classes are suitable for both students who have never had contact with the program and those who want to improve their knowledge.

In addition to the introduction to Excel tools, the course brings the 80/20 project differential: the application of all that was learned throughout the classes in a control and management spreadsheet, aiming to fix and exercise the main features of Excel. . It is also a useful tool for those who have little time to devote to learning because it makes a selection of 20% of Excel tools that produce 80% of results.

4) The Complete Guide To High Productivity + 4 Bonus Courses

In a time with as many distractions as ours, it can be difficult to focus on the really important tasks. To overcome the problem, this course offers techniques for making the student a more focused and productive person, both professionally and personally. There is no need to install any software beforehand and all material is provided by the course master, Gustavo Farias.

In addition to raising it by an average of 30%, you will learn key principles for high productivity. The course also includes bonus training such as intensive leadership and negotiation courses.

5) Android Development Course - Learn how to create 15 apps

Android app development is a promising market, considering the importance of the platform and the tendency for people to increasingly use mobile devices to perform a variety of tasks. If you want to venture into the area but have no experience yet, this is the right course. With it, you will learn from scratch how to develop Android applications without programming skills. Just install Android Studio 2.1 and get started!

The course will allow you to become an Android developer in six weeks with a totally practical approach. The learning is made from the development of 15 real apps, similar to Instagram, WhatsApp, Flappy Bird, among others. By the end of class, you will have learned the interface elements and structure of Android projects, as well as understanding arrays, loops, object orientation, and conditional structures.

6) Montessori: Living in Peace with Children

Living or working with children can be challenging, as they follow another logic when compared to adults, requiring specific treatment. The purpose of the Montessori Home Course is precisely to help parents and educators in this relationship, explaining the origin of conflicts between adults and children, how the minds of the little ones, among other things.

Classes mix child development theories with practical recommendations, helping to avoid unnecessary conflict and develop more peaceful relationships. The requirement to attend the course is to have some knowledge of the Montessori method, either participation in introductory course or readings on the subject.