6 Basic Tips To Keep Your Home Free From Cockroaches

What about cockroaches, these creeps so disgusting and creepy that they only appear to disturb people's quietness? Even though some American scientists are trying to find a noble function for these insects, the truth is that most people don't like cockroaches and have rejection.

And no less. When they appear, these animals, which are synonymous with dirt, are running everywhere and contaminating everything they touch. If you think about where they may have been before, then that's where the urge to end them sooner gets bigger.

We have already presented here at Mega Curioso a list of curiosities that even shows that cockroaches are not so despicable, and we publish a story talking about how they can also be “ingredients” of your favorite candy bar. Even so, you will hardly give up on getting rid of these creatures when they appear, and this, depending on the situation, can be an arduous task. Then check out these six tips from Mother Nature Network to eliminate these animals and their distress.

1. Maintain cleanliness

In some situations, prevention is the best medicine. With cockroaches, this can be applied as well, since if you keep an environment always clean, they are unlikely to appear. Most of the time, they are attracted to leftover food, especially fat; that is, avoid leaving dirty dishes, keep the floor clean and the stove in order, without used pans. These steps should help keep cockroaches away from your home.

Dirty dishes are a full plate to attract cockroaches.

2. Keep the holes plugged

Any crack and opening can be a gateway to cockroaches and other insects. Therefore, make sure there are no cracks anywhere in the house and, if any, promote the maintenance of these locations. If there is a possibility, through those with retractable covers, try to keep the drains covered as well.

3. Fix the leaks

Another thing that attracts cockroaches is moisture and water from leaks, not too dry sinks, or excess potted plants. By avoiding these situations, you will take an effective preventative measure against these insects. Remember: cockroaches can live months without food, but only a few days without water, so they are so attracted to this element.

4. Produce your own homemade baits and traps

Use one measure of refined sugar to three of boric acid. Sugar candy will attract cockroaches, while acid will kill them. The compound may cause some irritation but is not toxic to humans and animals. Anyway, it is good to avoid spreading the dust in places where children and pets may come into contact. Some indications of application are behind and under refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, sink etc.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide that does not harm animals and humans.

5. Search for a specialized company

Depending on the size of the infestation, you will not be able to solve it yourself, so the recommendation is to look for a company that specializes in this type of service. They will know how to eliminate the large amount of cockroaches by defining how, where and what to apply to your home. A suggestion from Mother Nature Network is to opt for teams that use “diatomaceous earth”, a multi-purpose substance that kills insects without the use of chemicals.

6. Kill them simply

Often the way out is to step mercilessly. By the way, this should be the resource of many to kill cockroaches, but there is another alternative that does not require violence and the use of insecticides. A solution with a little soapy water to spray can be quite effective, as the soap will choke the cockroaches' gut, which, like most insects, breathes through the skin. This mixture can be used to keep high corners and the most difficult places to reach clean.

* Posted on 9/22/2015