6 amazing unedited photoshop photos

The perfect shot is the goal of professional photographers and even people around the world who are struggling to capture something that catches the eye. Today, due to the numerous editing features made available, often when faced with a beautiful image, it soon appears that it was probably edited.

To extol the power of an incredible photo, whether due to the photographer's merit or even luck in capturing at a decisive moment, check out this sample where no photos were edited in photoshop:

(Source: Reddit / nimo4749)

(Source: Reddit / Mannos_Hands_of_Fate)

Decisive moment

In the world of photography, turning point is a concept developed by French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, who in 1952 published an essay exploring the subject in a magnificent way.

This is the time to record something that can hardly be reproduced or photographed in the same way or, in other words, requires the photographer to capture at a given time. There are several conditions that can make photography met by this concept, such as lighting, framing, focus, and even the elements that are not highlighted in the image.

(Source: Reddit / SuperCub)

There is no formula, however it is understood that harmony is fundamental, as bringing together the various photographic elements in a snapshot is really not easy - but that is what can sometimes distinguish the images that will be treated in photoshop from those that will display your beauty without filters and retouching.

After all, photoshop editing is also a feature aimed at meeting the much-discussed ideal of perfection and even bringing possibilities that cameras don't always offer. And it must be recognized that if it were not for admiration for all that is considered beautiful, photoshop would not have the role it has today.

The movement in the streets, the people, the nature: everything can be an inexhaustible source of instant records.

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Birds in the sky of Rome (Source: Imgur / MrRubberBurner)

(Source: Reddit / RailTieYardGame)

Capturing decisive moments requires a close look and intimacy with the camera. However, it is also possible that only after capturing, when looking at the image, there is a perception that something was recorded at a perfect time. After all, photographs are also an endless source of surprises.