1. Do not use sunscreen

Pedro Bial's speech is always valid: always - ALWAYS - use sunscreen. Solar radiation is one of the worst villains that attack your skin, so going face-to-face on the street is something you should avoid. In the absence of a blocker, appeal for a hat or cap, but be sure to protect yourself. Lastly, don't forget that even on cloudy days your skin needs protection.

2. Wrong cream

Have you seen that some products indicate that you should apply anti-aging creams from the bottom up on your face? This is because gravity already pulls your skin down; Therefore, if you pass anti-wrinkle creams in the same direction you may well just accelerate this process. It is also important to look for products specific to your skin type and age range.

3. Sleep with makeup

Which woman never came home tired - or even drunk, after the ball - and forgot to remove her makeup before bed? While it's boring to most of them, it's important to remember that makeups often retain toxins and dirt throughout the day, and going to bed with them is asking these filth to act negatively on your face. So always remove all makeup before bed!

4. Use a straw

The pout you make to suck on the straw creates the wrinkles at the corners of your mouth. Over time, this gets more and more accentuated - not to mention the pollution caused by this material in the wild. So whenever you can order your favorite drinks or sodas in a glass!

5. Overdoing Cleanliness

The best skin is not that washed at all times: if you overdo the cleansing, you will end up removing essential and natural oils that work to preserve your complexion. They make your skin softer and supple; So maintain hygiene, but don't overdo your face wash!

6. Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health in many ways and it would be no different with your skin: tar and nicotine, which you think is blowing away, end up in constant contact with the smoker's facial skin. This greatly speeds up the aging process. This is what you want? If the answer is no, then stop smoking now!