6 Health and Human Body Myths Many People Still Believe

You may have already been surprised to discover many truths about many things that you believed to be true and were not. You may also have realized that there are even strange things that are good for your health, even if you did not believe it. Today you will discover some false health claims you need to know.

1. Wet Hair X Sore Throat

Some say that taking cold with wet hair can cause a sore throat or even a fever and cold, but this is a myth. Walking with wet hair in the wind poses no danger, unless the wind is very cold, so you could risk a thermal shock.

wet hair

2. Nails and hair after death

Contrary to popular belief, nails and hair do not keep growing after death. Many approve of this theory and claim it to be true, but it is just a myth. What happens is that the skin shrinks, giving the impression that the nails and hair have grown. Not to mention that the body no longer has an active organism capable of producing cells needed for hair and nail growth.


3. Direct cow's milk is healthier

Do not risk taking milk when taken directly from the cow. It may come out warm, beautiful, appetizing, but that does not mean that it is healthy enough to be taken directly after its withdrawal. You can find viruses, such as tuberculosis, and bacteria that can cause serious health problems. Therefore, boil the milk before drinking.


4. Dark enamels make nails stronger

Don't fall for this myth that using dark-colored nail polish makes your nails harder. Both dark and light enamels contain the same composition - the only thing that changes is the pigmentation, the color of the enamel.


5. Avoid nighttime carbs if you want to lose weight

If you are a dieter who avoids a variety of foods at night, you can take carbohydrates off your list. This is because he has no determined time to put on weight, he gets fat at any time, just overeating. Research has been done to prove that eating carbohydrates at night does not get fat, on the contrary, it can even help with your diet, because when eaten at dinner, it gives more support preventing you eat too much the next day.


6. Candy X Children

This story that giving children candy makes them more hyperactive is not true at all. Children are already agitated by nature - giving them sweets or not will not make any difference in the hyperactivity of the child. Chocolate, on the other hand, does make children agitated, after all, it contains caffeine. But sugar alone is not a stimulant and can have a calming effect, so much so that people drink sugar water after being frightened, right?


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