6 Reasons Why The Ant Is The Best Insect To Be A Hero

Yesterday debuted in theaters across the country the movie "Ant Man", inspired by the hero of Marvel created in 1960. The film tells the story of Dr. Hank Pym, creator of a shrinking formula, lived by Michael Douglas. A few years later, he must stop Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) from reproducing his invention and selling it to an evil organization.

Then comes Paul Rudd's character, the trickster Scott Lang. After a period in jail, Scott cannot live a normal life and commits crimes again. But the scam he's involved in is nothing but Dr. Pym's plan for Scott to become the new Ant Man.

But let's get down to business: How far can resembling ants be beneficial to a superhero?

1. Small Size

The first and most obvious quality is having a small size, which allows you to get in everywhere without being noticed. At this point hundreds of ants are circling in holes in the walls around them, behind tiles and baseboards.

2. Great strength

Even with their small size, these insects are extremely strong and can carry an object 100 times heavier than themselves.

3. Hard in the fall

Ants can fall from any height without injury. The reason? Again thanks to its small structure.

4. Deadly Poison

Some ants can kill with their bites and a powerful poison. Pogonomyrmexmaricopa, common in Arizona, has a bite equivalent to 12 bee stings! This feature may even go well with a villain, but it is nonetheless interesting.

5. Right communication

Don't they say communication is the key to success? Well, ants use a lot of chemicals to communicate with others. Through pheromones, they leave trails where they pass, as if they were warnings to others of their kind.

6. Does not need uniform

The Tapinoma melanocephalum ant has translucent legs and abdomen, leaving the body the color of the food it consumes.

Bonus - Ants' Real Archenemies

If history had full inspiration in these little insects, these would be the villains we would encounter:

The Evil Decapitator

Make no mistake about this little fly. Even smaller than the ant, the Dohrniphora fly acts calculatively to achieve its goals. It begins by cutting the intestine, the nerve cord, and any other connection between the ant's head and body. Then it passes to the jaws and then uses its paws to fully tear off the heads of its victims.

The skull becomes a trophy. It is dragged elsewhere and serves as a meal for the fly and, in the future, for its small larval chicks. They are found in South America.

The "Mystique" of the anthill

If you watched X-Men, you will surely remember the character "Mystic" who had the power to transmute into other people. That's almost what these Myrmarachne spiders do. After hiding in the anthills, they observe the behavior of homeowners and proceed in a similar manner.

Ants have six legs and two antennas. Spiders have eight legs and no antenna. The solution? The spider lifts its two front paws and moves them in a manner equivalent to the antennae's movements, all to fit itself. But this disguise is only maintained during the day. As night falls, the spiders begin ant hunting.

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