6 signs sent by the heart that should not be ignored!

The first sign came with Marília Mendonça, followed by some severe chest pain. Although songs of suffering are a strong sign that your heart is not well, here are some signs that indicate that you should seek a doctor and not Spotify's pain and suffering playlist.

1 Digital Hippocratism

A phenomenon known as Digital Hippocratism or Digital Clubbing is the alteration of nails, making them wider and thicker because of extra fabric production. Since it is painless, it takes some time before the change is noticed. As a rule, it happens in both hands. This is an indication that oxygenated blood is not reaching the fingers, which triggers a mechanism that attempts to correct the problem by promoting the growth of the area.

2 Frank Sign

Bilateral diagonal lobular fold or Frank's sign points to a higher risk of atherosclerosis. A disease that indicates the increase of plaques being accumulated within the arteries. The disease was named after Sanders Frank, an American physician who first described the symptom. There are over 40 studies linking the disease and the symptom still unsure of how they relate.

3 Blue Lips

Once again, due to poor blood oxygenation presenting external symptoms such as bluish lip coloration, we have a sign of cardiovascular system failure. With the natural reddish tone, the lips show a strong indication of when we are not well. At low temperatures or at high altitudes they also turn blue, indicating a lack of oxygen.

4 Xanthomas

Your heart can express all of his dissatisfaction with other forms than beating as he listens to Adele songs, such as little yellow balls in his skin made of fat. They are harmless and appear on elbows, knees, buttocks and eyelids.

Xanthomas are also symptoms of those who have high cholesterol levels, which deposit so high in the skin. Unfortunately they can also accumulate in the arteries that supply the heart. I imagine it need not be stressed how bad this is for health.

5 Senile Arch

Fat deposits also accumulate around the iris, the colored part of the eyes. 45% of people over 40 have this sign and 70% over 60 have the symptom. It's good to stay tuned to the signals, our friend Marília Mendonça would say.

6 Gums and bad teeth

The mouth is full of good and bad bacteria. When bad ones are high, they can get into the bloodstream and cause inflammation in the blood vessels, which can lead to cardiovascular disease. Tooth loss and inflamed gums may also be related to heart disease.