7 attitudes to be more successful in working life

Everyone who enters the job market or has just ventured into a new field is after success. After all, those who do not seek this end up becoming just “another brick in the wall”, which is not good for anyone. That's why we've separated seven attitudes a successful trader needs to have, according to Jeff Haden of Inc.

1. You can't do everything in one day. But you can always take a small step!

We all have plans, goals, ideas, etc. However, you can't achieve anything until you realize all that. Every day, people stop doing constructive things in their personal and professional lives because of uncertainty and hesitation. To not let it take over you, choose a goal, an idea or a plan and do everything to get it off the paper or the plan of the ideas. Run after it until it works!

2. Do what no one else wants to do

If you are in a field with a lot of competition or supersaturated professionals practically like you, the solution is to “differentiate yourself from the herd”. For this you will have to do what no one else wants to do. No matter how simple or complex, choose something that others are unwilling to do and put it to work for yourself. In the first week you will be different, in the first month you will be special. After a year, you will be amazing and definitely different from the rest of the cast.

3. Enjoy the work of the unrecognized

Many people have jobs that do not require much talent or creativity, but commitment and method. If you have ever been to one of these areas, you should know how frustrating or suffocating such a function can be. So show that you appreciate the work of the cleaning lady, the delivery man, the porter, etc. Smile when you talk to these professionals and really thank them, not just for their education. With that, you get a kind of admirable respect and still make their day more enjoyable.

4. Listen more than you speak

A really self-assured person hears more than he speaks; after all, he has no need to externalize his knowledge, thoughts and conviction. Therefore, speak only when you really think it is necessary, and never do it to feel superior to someone else. Everyone notices when someone does this, which leads to a situation of discomfort or even resistance to all that you will say ahead.

5. Don't be frustrated with lack of perfection

Professionals who are very obstinate with perfection in everything they do can end up having a truly miserable life without a drop of happiness. You must accept that no product or service will be perfect, no matter how hard you and your team work. There will always be something to improve, and it may change over time. So be pleased when the time comes for your work to be done with quality and mastery. The good professional knows exactly when he can do it. Try to be more perceptive to this.

6. Give your best

Although it is impossible to achieve perfection by the simple meaning of the term, it is possible to always do a little better than you did before. Always try to overcome yourself and, as a result, evolve professionally and personally.

7. Have some time for you.

With all this pursuit of overcoming or perfection, your life can end up boring and bland since becoming too stubborn with work can negatively imply your personal life. Therefore, it is vitally important to take time to relax, rest your mind and enjoy some of what you really enjoy doing besides work.

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