7 cases of people living trapped in the wrong bodies

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a body that stops developing or to truly believe that you are a dog or a wolf? These situations are really possible and today we will share with you a series of curious cases that the guys from Oddee recently released. Check out:

1 - The Indian woman who will have a child's body forever

The body of Indian Girija Srinivas has stopped developing since she was two years old. With many cognitive difficulties, she cannot perform simple tasks such as sitting alone. Nothing has prevented her, however, from developing her artistic gifts - she paints and dreams of being a famous artist one day.

2 - The man who discovered he was a woman at 66

Concerned about an abdominal swelling, a man went to the hospital and possibly got the most confusing diagnosis of his life: he had a large ovarian cyst. It was only then that she discovered she was biologically female too, thanks to a rare combination of two genetic conditions - Turner Syndrome, which does not allow women to fully develop; and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which produces excess male hormones. The patient decided to continue living as a man.

3 - The teenager who has no hormones

Poppy Web-Jones has a rare condition called pan-hypopituitarism, which causes her body to not produce hormones. Currently the girl is 17 years old, but has not developed since she was 10 because of lack of hormones. Unlike teenagers his age, Poppy still likes to play with his dolls, but already undergoes medical treatment to try to solve the problem.

4 - The 42-year-old man who seems to be 14

Like Poppy, Mario Bosco has pan-hypopituitarism and has decided not to take hormone replacement. He currently works as an actor and has participated in many movies and TV shows, and has even written a book about his life.

5 - The man who thinks he's a six year old girl

Paul Wolscht was a typical family man, but eventually decided to drop the marriage and assume his identity as Stefoknee Wolscht, the six-year-old he truly believes to be. "I don't want to be an adult now, " he said in an interview.

6 - The man who believes himself to be a dog

Some people really believe they are other animals. Gary Matthews is a man who often says his name is Boomer the Dog, and must have been born as a dog and turned into human at some point in his life. To look even more like a dog, he wears a costume and acts like a dog.

7 - The young man who believes himself to be a wolf

Shiro Themian Ulv claims that his body harbors the spirit of a black wolf. Born Matthew Schimmel, he was able to legally change his name and became a meme by saying, in a documentary, the phrase "on every level except the physical I am a wolf."


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