7 Strange Things Discovered Under the Sea

Although Planet Earth has that name, in fact about two-thirds are covered with water. And as is easy to imagine, much has happened and has happened in these oceans since the time of the first navigations, when humanity first ventured into seas never before navigated.

Since ships and planes, treasures and many other strange things have been found downstream by divers and explorers. Since it's not just TItanic and Jack that are submerged, we've listed 7 of the strangest things ever found on the ocean floor.

7. Locomotive Cemetery

It's normal to hear about ships under the sea, but what about trains? Paul Hepler found not only one but several trains while mapping the ocean floor off the coast of New Jersey in 1985.

The locomotives are rare Planet Class 2-2-2 T models that were produced for a limited period of time only. Weighing about 15 tons, they have already left the factory outdated, as the models of the time weighed around 35 tons. They are estimated to have been submerged since 1850, although there is no record of locomotive loss. Experts imagine that the trains crashed while being transported during a storm, perhaps even intentionally, to relieve the ship in the turbulent waters in May.

6. Lost Civilization or Burial of Matthew the Apostle

Divers discovered the ruins of an ancient lost civilization on Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, but more than an anthropological discovery, it is believed that the site could also be where the Apostle Matthew was buried. Explorers found more than 200 artifacts, including a piece of bronze sickle, knife sharpening stones, and various ceramics that may have been from the Saka civilization 2, 500 years ago.

Many historians believe that the Apostle Matthew was buried in the area of ​​Lake Issyk-Kul and a ceramic pot with Armenian and Syrian writings. This could be the definitive proof, since he was buried with several of his relics.

5. Emerald Treasure

In 2010, Jay Miscovich thought he would be able to fool everyone with the treasure he "found" on the seabed. He found more than 10, 000 emeralds off the coast of Florida, worth half a billion dollars. It looked like he was out of luck, but the case turned into a great court war. After a great commotion from the press, a court order prohibited Miscovich from selling the stones. He, who was deep in debt, eventually committed suicide. Some time later the fraud was discovered: the emeralds were bought and placed under the sea by the finder himself.

4. Alien spaceship?

In June 2011, a team of Swedish explorers found something quite abnormal at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. About 70 meters long, the object was called the “Baltic Sea anomaly” and looks a lot like the Millennium Falcon ship from the Star Wars films.

Many theories involve the artifact. Some scientists say it could be a rock formation, or an Ice Age glacial deposit and even alien material. What is actually known is that the explorer team's equipment simply did not work near the object and it was necessary to move at least 200 meters to get it back to work. Very strange!

3. The city of Alexandria

A major discovery was made in the Mediterranean Sea in 1998. Explorers found the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria underwater, virtually preserved after being submerged for about 1, 600 years. It is believed to have submerged due to several natural disasters such as rising sea levels and earthquakes.

One of the most amazing things divers found was Cleopatra's royal palace. Marble floors, columns, ovens and basins, dressed limestone blocks, walls and statues of Egyptian deities that were supposed to be part of the palace are jaw-dropping! Pieces such as a dark gray granite sphinx and an important religious statue that had not been seen by anyone in about 2, 000 years were also hidden by the sea.

2. Stonehenge on Lake Michigan

In 2007, an underwater archeology professor was testing his sonar on Lake Michigan in the United States when he found a circular arrangement of vertical pillars about 15 meters deep.

The stones look a lot like the ones in Stonehenge, England, and if that wasn't enough, extinct animal marks were also found hundreds of years ago. Drawings that look like mastodons - prehistoric elephants - have been dug into the rocks that no one can explain how they got there or where they came from.

1. The first computer

Around the year 1900, at the wreck of Antikythera on one of the Greek islands, it was by chance found what may be the first laptop ever created by mankind. A group of explorers sought shelter there and decided to try their luck. Eventually they found several valuable items, including what is believed to be the first type of analog computer used to predict astronomical positions as well as eclipses. It consists of gears with triangular teeth similar to the interior of a watch, as well as a ring divided into degrees as a protractor that children wear in school. The equipment dates from 205 BC and is currently on display at the National Archeology Museum in Athens.


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