7 Things That Can Happen In Your Body If You Cut Alcohol

1. You will sleep better

A recent study showed that drinking alcohol before bed raises the level of alpha waves in the brain. This type of activity is common when you are resting but awake. The result is that your drunk sleep tends to be more disrupted. “But Mega, after drinking I flip in bed. What's up?". Then another study shows that while this really happens at first, the tendency is for sleep to be more unstable. So scientists say avoiding alcohol will bring a better night's sleep. And as a result, you will notice improvements in mood, concentration, and performance the next day.

Better nights sleep improve your mood

2. You will eat less

Research has shown that drinking alcohol makes our senses soar and makes us more eager to eat. A study of women showed that those who drink alcohol at night eat up to 30% more food at night than women who drink nothing. That is, if you are thinking of losing weight, a good tactic is to avoid getting stuck.

Alcohol makes you more eager to eat

3. You will feel more like eating sweet

Now, a warning: there is no point in replacing one addiction with another. And that's what can happen if you stop drinking, as something will need to release dopamine into your bloodstream. This chemical “reward” meter is highly activated with both alcohol and sugar intake. It is therefore possible that your need to eat sweet substances increases. This also explains how many people feel the need to eat something sweet after drinking a drink.

You may feel compulsion to eat sweets

4. Your weight may decrease

As we mentioned above, alcohol consumption increases your desire to eat and is related to the consumption of sweets. By cutting drinks, you can cut down on your food intake - just don't fall into the hole of replacing drinks with sweets. Also, the drinks themselves contain a lot of calories. By stopping alcohol, you can dim without even noticing.

Cutting alcohol can make you lose weight without even repairing

5. Your skin will improve

Those who drink often know the diuretic effects of alcohol: the more you drink, the more you urinate. Alcohol also lowers the antidiuretic hormone, which is responsible for retaining water in the body. Thus, when you stop drinking, your body starts to normalize the amount of water inside it. This makes your skin less dry and healthier looking.

Your complexion will get better

6. You will have more money in your pocket

Aside from the few open bar parties you're invited to, drinking is expensive. If you choose refined drinks, you will spend a lot. If you go to the more economical side, you end up getting drunk and spending too much. So put at the tip of your pencil how much you would save at the end of the month if you cut your daily bumps.

Your wallet will be stuffed longer

7. The risk of cancer will decrease, but the risk of heart disease may increase.

Alcohol is associated with an increased risk of liver, mouth, breast, colon and rectal cancer. Stopping drinking will reduce this risk in your life. However, several studies indicate that moderate drinking may reduce the likelihood of developing a heart problem. Therefore, if you stop drinking, your chances of dying from the heart increase. Make your choice. But take all the pros and cons into consideration.

What do you prefer?