7 Famous Companies That Changed Their Names Throughout Their Life

1 - Pepsi

Pepsi Cola

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Before becoming one of the most popular sodas in the world, Pepsi-Cola was known as “Brad's Drink”. The name was inspired by the surname of the creator of the drink, Caleb Bradham, who developed the product in 1893 and renamed it Pepsi-Cola five years later, believing that in addition to being healthy, his invention aided digestion.

2 - Google


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Did you know that back in 1996, Google, the most famous search engine on the planet, was called “BackRub”? Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of the internet giant, changed the name of their creation the following year, when they registered the domain Google.com.

3 - Yahoo


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And since we talked about an internet giant in the previous item, why not go on and talk about another? When they founded their company in 1994, Stanford University students Jerry Yang and David Filo named it "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web, " but changed the name. for Yahoo - which is an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” or something like “Another Unofficial Categorized Oracle”.

4 - Subway


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Before being called Subway, the fast-food chain had the name "Pete's Super Submarines" - or "Pete's Supersubmarines" in free translation. The idea came up in the mid-1960s, during a conversation between Fred DeLuca, the company's founder, and his friend Peter Buck, who suggested he open a diner focused on Italian sandwiches (also known as submarine sandwiches), and the name ended. being abbreviated years later.

5 - Nintendo

Nintendo Mario Bros


Originally in 1889, when it was founded, Nintendo was a company that made a traditional type of Japanese deck known as Hanafuda and called the Marufuku Company. The name was changed to Nintendo Playing Card Company in 1951 and, some time later, the production of decks and cards was replaced by the popular games that everyone knows.

6 - Nissan


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He knew that until 1981, although the car manufacturer produced Nissan-branded trucks, passenger cars were marketed under a brand name called “Datsun” - which comes from the Japanese word “dat”, meaning something like “lightning fast” ? Only after selling millions of cars around the world did the company decide to retire one name and favor the other.

7 - Sony


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Another Japanese company to change its name was Sony, originally called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. Founded in 1946, the company was born as a radio repair shop - and gained fame for developing the first cassette recorder in Japan, as well as the first Japanese radio and television transistors. The name change took place in 1958, and represents the union of two words: "sonus", which means "sound" in Latin, and "sonny", an American term that was used in the 1950s to call a boy.