7 Behaviors You Should NOT Have in South Korea

1. Don't play with chopsticks

Chopsticks for eating Asian food can be tricky to use for Westerners, but it is important to learn before you travel to South Korea. Trying to pierce something like a fork can be seen as a serious offense by natives there. .


2. Avoid showing tattoos

Tattoos are still taboo in Korean culture, so avoid showing yours. Otherwise, you may receive more hostile treatment or even discrimination.


3. Do not wear necklines

Necklines are not encouraged in South Korea. Showing too much of the chest can be seen as a sign of vulgarity. Already the miniskirts are released in any size!

neckline and miniskirt

4. Don't tip

The waiter, instead of giving thanks, may be offended by tips. It turns out that the salaries of these employees are already compatible with the job (and they say quite generous), so tipping can be mischievous.


5. Do not leave food leftovers

During the Japanese occupation of Korea at the beginning of the last century, the population had a much more restricted diet. That is why it is still considered a serious sin to leave food on the plate to this day.

rest of food

6. Don't argue with the elders

You may even disagree with older people's opinions or attitudes, but keep that feeling to yourself. There, the age hierarchy is extremely present, so you should respect and never argue with people older than you.


7. Only smoke in permitted places

South Korea has specific smoking laws, even for those who want to smoke outdoors. There are smokehouses in various places, including the streets, so avoid smoking a cigarette outside of these places. Otherwise, you may even pay a fine for breaking the rule.