7 curiosities that you will hardly learn in school

1. Mice laugh with tickles

In addition to humans, mice are the only known ticklish mammal. However, they only do this if they are in a good mood; otherwise, if they are depressed, laughter is less effusive.


2. Breath eliminates fat

Of every 10 kg of fat we eliminate, 8.4 kg is believed to be through breathing! It is converted to carbon dioxide and exits when we exhale the air. The other 1.6 kg are usually eliminated by sweat, tears and urine.


3. Alice's Syndrome in Wonderland

Lewis Carrol's book names this syndrome in which human perception is altered: big things are seen small and vice versa. Usually this happens during migraine attacks or under the use of psychoactive substances.


4. In the UK, doctors should not wear rings

Ideally, healthcare professionals should not wear hand decorations except for religious reasons as they may accumulate dirt that is difficult to disinfect. Not to mention that an alliance, for example, could get stuck in the finger just in time for the doctor to go for surgery.


5. Locomotive x Bike

Do you know that Richard Trevithick invented the steam engine in 1801? Interestingly, this happened 16 years since the invention of the bicycle! Karl Drais's first prototype was not completed until 1817.


6. Mushrooms are more like animals

They have a separate classification, the Fungi kingdom. Many people forget this and associate mushrooms with plants, but genetically they are much closer to animal kingdoms.


7. Right vs. Left

On a forkless road where a fork opens, most people end up choosing the right side to follow - probably because 90% of people are right-handed and used to being the “right side”. This conception affects marketing: on shelves, for example, more expensive products tend to be right because our eyes are programmed to look in that direction.


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